100 Pull-Up Training Program

Lack of pull-ups got you down?  Fear not, there’s a training solution for you (and it’s free).


If you can do 100 pull-ups, you’ve got yourself a novelty trick for parties.  You can probably win a lot of bets.

Most importantly, 100 pull-ups is an amazing physical feat that few people achieve.  In fact, many people can’t do ONE pull up.  Imagine doing 100.  That would place you in the top 1 percentile of people in the world for pull-ups.  Now that’s cool.

Now, the following program doesn’t guarantee you’ll hit 100 pull-ups.  Nothing can make that guarantee because there’s too many variables.  But if you follow it, you can radically improve your pull-up volume in a short amount of time.

The 3 Month Pull-Up Training Program


Do the grease-the-groove method.  This involves doing as many pull-ups as you can throughout the day.  It’s like mini-pull-up spurts.  This will prime you for more formal training.  Aim to do more pull-ups each day.  Yes, take 1 to 2 rest days.

As you can see, it’s not all that time-consuming.  After all, you can’t be doing pull-ups for 5 hours a day. That would be nuts.

The full Pull-Up Training Program – Months 2 and 3

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