12 Minute Fat Loss Workout

By Spartan Fitness

Before we go into the details on the study that proved that it's possible to train only 12 minutes a week to lose fat and get fitter, we first need to stress that this study was done using volunteers that had not trained on a regular basis previously. The fitter and stronger you are the more time you would have to spend working out to get fitter and stronger.

But if you've never trained before then a simple 4-minute workout done three times a week will improve your health, increase fat-loss and increase your longevity. The type of 4-minute workout that you do does not really matter because the objective is to train at 90% of your maximum for 4 minutes.

This means doing something like burpees or rowing machine, elliptical or anything, even push-ups. The point is that you need to push yourself to the max, training outside your comfort zone for 4 minutes without resting, if possible. We have listed a few of the options that could be used and/or rotated on other 4-minute workouts in the week.

So in the study there were two groups of volunteers. The first group would do 4 minute workouts followed by 3 minutes of active recovery. This group would do this 4 times making it an intense 16-minute workout. The second group would do just one 4-minute workout three times a week.

Believe it or not, the 16-minute workout done three times a week did not show the same dramatic results that 4 minutes training at 90% of maximum three times a week showed. The people training 12 minutes a week showed better results than the people who trained 48 minutes a week.

It needs to be stressed that this experiment/study was successful because it used volunteers that had no previous experience of training regularly. This means that if you have never trained before then training 4 minutes every second day will definitely make you fitter and stronger. You are using one of the following movements, going as fast as you can for 4 minutes:

Jumping jacks
Vertical jumps
Push-ups fast
Box squats
Walking lunges
Rope skipping

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