20 Minute Superset Workout

The 20-minute superset workout makes perfect sense for a number of reasons. Firstly, if there is only 30 minutes on the gym floor 10-minutes warm-up would be strongly advised, even in warm weather. Secondly, the intelligent use of super-sets and tri-sets to increase intensity and reduce sets works well.

Selecting a technique that works for you should be limited to cycling any of your preferences. That means you need to cycle your workout intensity and reduce the amount of sets you do in 20 minutes for a few weeks. The 20-minute superset workout is high intensity with plenty super-sets and no rest time.

On the bright side you won't get to the point of over-training in just 20 minutes but on the down side you will feel like you got hit by a bus after these super-sets. It's an aggressive workout that is training outside your comfort zone to gain something and not just maintenance.

There are countless variations that you can choose from, which will depend on how many days a week you plan to train. A 20-minute workout can be done twice a week to six times a week. We have selected to list a four times per week routine below because getting into a routine needs commitment and four times a week gets good results.

Monday: Biceps, Triceps, and Lower Wrists
Start with 3 tri-sets doing biceps, triceps and then your lower wrists. After the first tri-set you'll be doing a super-set with triceps ad biceps.
Barbell curls: 3 X 6-12 reps
Close-grip bench-press: 3 X 6-12 reps x3
Behind the back wrist-curls: 3 X 6-12 reps x2
D/B Preacher curls: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
EZ bar skull-crushers: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps

Tuesday: Legs and Lower Back
Start with double tri-sets doing squats, stiff legged deadlifts and 1-legged calf raises without rest. After that you do another tri-set between with lunges, good mornings and then seated calf raises.
Squats: 3 X 6-12 reps
Stiff-legged deadlifts: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
Lunges: 2 X 6-12 reps
Good mornings: 2 X 6-12 reps
One-legged calf raises: 3 X 6-12 reps
Seated calf raises: 1 - 2 X 6-12 reps

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Chest, Back and Upper Wrists
Start with a tri-set of chest, back and then upper wrists, then onto a superset with back and chest exercises.
Chest variation dips: 3 X 6-12 reps
Incline bench-press: 2 X 6-12 reps
Pull-ups: 3 X 6-12 reps x3
One-arm D/B rows: 2 X 6-12 reps
Palms-down wrist-curls: 3 X 6-12 reps

Friday: Shoulders and Traps
Start off with a tri-set attacking all three deltoid heads. After completing this tri-set you then do one movement for the traps and then return to tri-sets for the last time on shoulders, to finish off doing the trap exercise.
Military press: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
D/B lateral raises: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
Bent-over laterals: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
Barbell shrugs: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps
Incline shrugs: 2 - 3 X 6-12 reps

Saturday: Wrists and Abs
You can select to do all the movements after each other or use tri-sets.
Palms-up wrist-curls: 3 X 6-12 reps
Wrist roller: 2 X 6-12 reps
Weighted sit-ups: 3 X 8-15 reps
Decline reverse crunches: 3 X 8-15 reps
D/B side bends: 3 X 8-15 reps

Sunday: Rest

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