3 Different Body Types
Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph

3 different body types

I think it’s really good that there is a lot of information about different body types in relation to building muscle, burning fat and getting fit.

The reason it’s good is that many of us start working out with a desire to achieve the look of someone we know or a celebrity figure … only to struggle and struggle and never really achieve it.

The reason for this is that there are 3 different body types.

The 3 main body types, called somatotypes, are:

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

Does this mean you can’t achieve a muscular body or lean body if you’re a particular body type?

No. With proper diet and the right workouts, you can. It may take longer and you may not achieve your desired physique 100%, but you can definitely get close.


You either subscribe to the 3 different body types theories to building muscle and burning fat or you don’t.

I do. It makes sense. After all, just look at people and you can see different body structures. Let’s call it the canvass. However, with right diet and working out, that canvass can become a beautiful picture.

Building Muscle, Burning Fat Across the Different Body Types

When it comes to transforming your body according to body type, there are 2 key components:

  1. Diet; and
  2. Workouts

At the end of the day, the diet is more important than the workouts in order to transform one’s physique.

Taking a closer look at the 3 body types


An ectomorph body type is naturally lean and lanky. Burning fat isn’t an issue. Metabolism is high. Gaining muscle mass is more difficult.

In order for an ectomorph to build serious muscle mass, they must eat more calories than the other body types. The good news is they can eat more carbs as well than any other body type.

The following is a link to diet information for ectomorphs:

  • Click here for the ectomorph diet ideal for building muscle and burning fat.


Mesomorphs have an athletic build. Broad shoulders. Thin waistline (relative to shoulders). Moderate metabolism. Fairly tall. They tend to burn fat and build muscle readily. Unlike ectomorphs, mesomorphs can have excess fat when diet is bad and the live a sedentary lifestyle.

There is definitely a prescribed diet for mesomorphs whether they want to build muscle or burn fat. Click the following links for specific mesomorph information:

  • Click here for the mesomorph diet ideal for building muscle and burning fat.


Endomorphs are stout body types. Excess fat accumulates easily. They are shorter in height. Building muscle is fairly easy, but the hard part is building defined muscle. Muscle definition usually requires burning fat.

Like ectomorphs and mesomorphs, endomorphs have ideal specific diets for specific goals:

  • Click here for endomorph diet for building muscle and burning fat.

I’m a fairly big proponent of the body type theory for building muscle and burning fat with respect to diet.

What about specific workouts for different body types?

In my view, and based on research I’ve done on the subject, there aren’t body type specific workouts. In other words, if both an ectomorph and endomorph wish to achieve a defined muscular body, there aren’t different workouts needed to achieve the desired body … except with respect to …
Cardio. An endomorph will benefit from more cardio to aid burning more calories. However, this can be offset by diet.

At the end of the day, it’s diet for body types that matter … not workouts. In other words, types of workouts and desired goals are independent of body type.

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