33 Ways to Blow Past Plateaus

How to Get Past Workout Plateaus

If you have exercised on a regular basis then you'll know all about exercise plateaus or setbacks, all of which are extremely frustrating, it can derail any progressive weight training program. The problem is, we don't know any or all of the many different reasons we hit plateaus and get setbacks in our training.

The long list of the many countless, and rather personal and specific ways to breakthrough training plateaus below is built on the assumption that correct technique is mastered and will not affect progress by causing injury. Improper form or technique can kill progress on your big, important lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, and the Bench Press.

The following 33 ways to blow past a training plateau are not listed in any specific order. It should be noted that the list includes techniques and methods designed for intermediate and advanced weight lifters/bodybuilders to help them break through a training plateau. There are 7 different signs that you can use to identify a training plateau, the techniques listed below should be used when you have seen these signs.

1. Try Drop sets.

2. Change your super-set technique.

3. Don't follow a pro's routine, if you been training less than a year.

4. Don't rely on supplements.


6. Get outside your comfort zone, increase intensity.

7. Stop Liquid calories.

8. Ensure the basics: Meats, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Potatoes, Rice, Nuts and seeds.

9. Are You Over-trained?

10. Give Everything You've Got When Training.

11. Change Diet to Break Through Weightlifting Plateaus.

12. Cut Back on the Cardio.

13. Stretch Your Rep Range.

14. Increase the Weight using Smaller Increments.

15. Increase the Weight slowly until it sticks.

16. Incorporate Rest-Pause Training.

17. Assess diet to increase or not increase calorie intake.

18. Eat muscle fuel.

19. Eat every 2-3 hours.

20. You're growing when you're resting NOT, when you train!

21. Focus on compound exercises.

22. Set short-term goals.

23. You need to try a training partner.

24. You're bored with your program, just doing the motions.

25. You're bored with your gym.

26. You're not changing the training angles you attack a muscle with.

27. All your reps all look and feel the same.

28. You need to address your weaknesses or your injuries.

29. Vary intensity on different days.

30. Doing too much training, burning yourself out.

31. You're only training with machines.

32. You're always training when you're exhausted.

33. You keep writing down your own new program ideas.

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