4 Week Bodyweight Workout Routine

By Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

Bodyweight Workout

The following bodyweight workout routine should follow all exercises listed for the reps prescribed to be completed in the time allocated. You should only rest a max of 20 seconds after each movement. If you're unable to complete the reps listed, then rest a few seconds and continue. You should rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes after completing a full circuit of 10 movements.

Try to repeat the circuit for a second time, always doing the same number of prescribed reps/time. Always remember to warm up correctly. Below you will see three different workouts that should be completed for Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a 4-week cycle, always trying to complete more reps or more weight.

It needs to be stressed that in order to get the after-burn effect and to improve the effect of the HIIT (high intensity interval training) you need to push yourself a little harder for each of the three workouts listed below. After you complete the first workout your objective is to try and improve the time it takes to complete the next circuit. The objective by end of week four is to complete two circuits for each workout.

Monday workout 1:
1. Push-ups 20 reps
2. 80-20 speed squats with 20 per leg
3. Planks 40 seconds
4. Chin-ups 10 reps
5. Jumping Jacks 30 reps
6. Groucho Walk 45 seconds
7. Pike Push-ups 15 reps
8. Burpees 20 reps
9. Plank with leg raised 40 seconds
10. Jump Squats 20 reps

Wednesday workout 2:
1. Touch-down lunges 15 per side
2. Mountain climbers 30 reps
3. Burpee & side - raise combo 15 reps
4. Push-ups 20 reps
5. Plank to push-up 15 reps
6. Chin-ups 10 reps
7. Leg Raises 15 reps
8. Side-to-side bunny hops 40 seconds
9. Push-ups with hip touch 12 reps
10. Step through 15 reps each side

Friday workout 3:
1. Wide Fly Push-ups 20 reps
2. Jump squats 20 reps
3. Chin-ups 10 reps
4. Burpees 20 reps
5. Hip-bridge 25 reps
6. Ab-hip thrust 15 reps
7. Diamond push-ups 12 reps
8. Prisoner squats 20 reps
9. Lunges 15 each side
10. Plank with leg raise 40 seconds

Note: For more information checkout The Lost Secrets of Bodyweight Training

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