How 6 Pack Abs Can Help You Perform Better in Bed

Among the many benefits of having 6 pack abs is the ability to perform better in bed. While the two are undeniably intertwined in a sort of physical symbiosis, the correlation between sexual performance and a killer set of washboard abs is much deeper than just physical appearance.

In fact, there are several ways that achieving a healthy 6 pack can better many performance characteristics of sex, including stamina, flexibility, injury prevention, and overall sex drive. To begin, lets first cover some basic information about what a 6 pack really is and how you can get one (if you haven’t done so already).

6 Pack Abs 101

man with 6 pack abs in bed with 2 womenFirst, let’s go over a little about how to achieve an amazing pair of 6 pack abs. Everyone, regardless of weight and body fat has abdominal muscles (1). Along with your core muscles, the abdominal muscles, such as the rectus abdominis, seamlessly intertwine with each other to form a muscle grouping that do everything from stabilize your posture, to perform exercises such as a plank or crunch (2).

Additionally, you can perform such exercises, among others, to build up the abdominal muscles in order to create a richer, more striated and defined 6 pack. However, there is one predominant aspect that simply cannot be overlooked if you indeed wish to have an awesome set of abs. To boast a 6 pack, you must have a body fat percentage low enough to show the muscles.

In other words, if you have too many layers of fat on top of your abs, then they are going to continue to hide like a person under a blanket. For females, a body fat percentage under 18%, and for guys a percentage under 10% will pretty much guarantee a visible 6 pack (1). To better illustrate the benefits that having a 6 pack has on your sex life, here is a breakdown of some of the notable advantages.

Improved Stamina

As any sexual person knows, stamina is an integral pair of anyone’s sex life. Intercourse is not impossible without it, but it is much better the more stamina you have. For such reason, conditioning the abdominal muscles and creating a 6 pack can really benefit your stamina in the bedroom. As your abdominal muscles become more conditioned, they will tire less quickly, thus allowing them to be used more frequently and for longer periods of time during sex without cramping up or becoming overly exhausted.

What’s more, as the muscles become well-conditioned their endurance will also improve, allowing you to engage your core more during intercourse. Overall, conditioning your abdominal muscles and lowering your body fat percentage to the point of seeing a 6 pack, can provide for a much more fun and lasting sex life for both you and your partner.

Increased Flexibility

In terms of your sexual experiences, having a strong core will only encourage the flexibility you and your partner demonstrate in the bedroom. With durable and flexible abs you will be able to perform many sexual positions and maneuvering beyond traditional options like the missionary position. As we will cover more in-depth towards the end of this article, having a 6 pack can give you the flexibility in your core to more actively and effectively perform sex positions like lotus, scissors, bridge, arch, doggy-style, and many standing positions (4).

Through these positions, which quite effective double as workout exercises, you will be able to noticeably see the difference in your sex life with 6 pack abs compared to a flabbier and less conditioned group of core muscles.

Injury Prevention

Believe it or not, having a 6 pack can actually help reduce the risk of injury during sex. From the guy’s end, it can be especially easy to pull or strain a muscle related to the abdomen. While, as a guy, we may try to conceal any injuries we encounter in the thralls of pleasure, such incidents do happen. It can be exceedingly easy to pull an oblique, lower abdominal, hip flexor, or a number of other muscles that are related to engaging your core during sex.

Whether you are trying to maneuver a bridge position with your partner, or perhaps picking her up to assume a standing position, the more adventurous the position, the more susceptible you can be to injury. With that said, having a strong group of abdominal muscles comprising a 6 pack, can certainly reduce the risk of such happening. The conditioning of those muscles will undoubtedly lead you to better performance and fewer injuries in bed.

Sex Drive

The overall sex drive that someone has can definitely intertwine with the conditioning of their body, and more specifically, muscles. In the case of the abdominal muscles, because having a 6 pack will not only give you more confidence and self-efficacy, that swagger can undoubtedly transfer over to your antics in the bedroom (1). What’s more, with an increased sex drive, you will be able to condition those abdominal muscles even further by performing more elaborate and experimental positions during sex.

As you surely know, without a sex drive, actually having intercourse is nearly impossible. At the very least, sporting a 6 pack for your partner to look at will only increase the lust behind both of your libidos. In other words, she will be attracted to your body, and you will in turn be attracted to her advances. If she has a 6 pack of her own, even better for the both of you.

Sex Positions To Try

Researchers at Indiana University have found that women can have orgasms through exercising their core muscles, which means performing sexual positions that engage your partner’s abs may indeed increase her pleasure during intercourse (3).

As previously mentioned, such positions include lotus, which is a sitting, but very upright position to hold during sex, and can subsequently put a great amount of stress on the abdominal muscles to stabilize and support thrusting movements. Additionally, positions like bridge, allow both you and your partner to exercise the hip flexors and many core muscles, such as the lower abdominals. As you both interlock your hips and thrust upward, you will undoubtedly need the core stabilization and antagonistic muscle response of your hip flexors and glutes to propel your body with hers on top as added weight.  This is a tricky position that can leave someone prone to injury if they do not have a conditioned group of core muscles to help them perform.

Another good example of involving your abdominal muscles during sex is found with many standing positions. As your partner holds on to your neck for stabilization, and you prop her legs up with your arms, the core muscles will be subtly working the entire time to ensure your posture is inline and the rest of your body is supported during such complicated and weight bearing movements. No matter how light your partner may seem, when you are lifting her repeatedly while standing, it will mirror, if not exceed any workout you ever endured in the gym, and your 6 pack will surely come into play.