7 Fatty Foods That Fight Stomach Fat

Over the last 35 years since the fitness boom started in the 1980's there has been ongoing extensive research done on losing stomach fat or belly fat, affecting 65% of all American citizens. What this extensive research has discovered is that belly fat is a lot more dangerous than obesity.

That may sound very strange but research shows that your chances of dying from complications associated with too much fat is greater when you have belly fat than if you are obese (30% body-fat). Farther research on how to solve this problem consistently show that daily diet is more important than exercise to fight stomach fat.

Believe it or not the research clearly demonstrates that we need to eat more fat to help our bodies get rid of excess stomach fat. That sounds even more strange than telling you belly fat causes more death than obesity. But it's true, you can do your own research and check it out for yourself.

So what are these "fat-foods" that we need to consume in order to lose any stomach fat or belly fat we have accumulated. Before we list these vitally important fats we need to consume to get rid of fat, we need more explanation on the most important of these fats which is called Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

CLA is an omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid, the reason why it is so vital for fat-loss is because it supports and provides the required flexibility and structure of the cell membranes. Taking in 3 grams of CLA every day has now proven itself, not only to radically reduce fat but also preventing heart disease and cancer.

The list of the 7 fatty foods below include foods high in CLA plus other well-researched fat sources that will not gain fat but actually lose fat. You need to eat fat to help your body to get rid of fat. One or two of the following 7 foods should be eaten every day if you want to fight stomach fat.

Grass-fed Beef





Olive oil

Seeds and Nuts

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