This Exercise Accelerates Aging in Your Body (Beware!)…

man doing cardio exercises

I’m 39 years old and am not overly concerned with aging at this point.  BUT, I’m close to where it matters, because according to Steve Holman, former editor-in-chief of Iron Man magazine, once I hit 40, my body starts to age faster than normal.[1] exhausted man after strenuous workout

Moreover, and this hits home, one form of exercise I do weekly is accelerating my aging process … not that I’ve given any thought until recently.

That form of exercise is endurance training - running, long cardio sessions, intense hour-long cardio classes, etc.

I do this stuff and now according to a decent authority on the subject, I’m not doing myself any favors … at least in the aging department.  Endurance exercise does this by increasing “oxygen utilization from 10 to 20 times your resting state.”[2]

Long cardio sessions accelerate aging because it increase free radicals which consume the body’s essential nutrients and tissues.  In fact, free radical damage causes aging.[3]

In a nutshell, this is what he suggests:

  1. Avoid low-fat diets (I agree and do this)
  2. Stop doing endless cardio (I’m guilty … but I do like the “runner’s high” once in a while)
  3. Age is irrelevant when it comes to slowing the aging process
  4. Hydration is critically important (I’m good here)
  5. Work out less (this is an eye-opener)

More about point #5 (work out less).  He states that working out for 90 minutes at a time is not good.  Yikes, because I occasionally do work out for 90 minutes (although I’m a big superset guy because they help keep my gym sessions to 45 minutes or less).

However, 45 minutes four to six times a week is more than Steve is doing.  He claims to only work out a little more than 90 minutes a week, yet stay in great shape and slow the aging process. If you’re interested in learning how to exercise less, still make gains and slow the aging process, read more of Steve’s article.

FYI he also sells a book on the subject if you really want to dig in.

Learn more here…


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