Adonis Golden Ratio Review of the Training & Nutrition Software

IMPORTANT: Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) program is only for people looking to build a certain type of body.

  • It’s NOT for you if you’re looking to build maximum muscle bulk pro bodybuilder style.
  • It’s NOT for you if you are just looking to lose some weight and develop some toned muscle.

Who is it for?

It’s for the person looking to build the “Adonis” body, a.k.a. the perfect body.

What is the perfect body?

That’s the fundamental concept behind this product. The creators (Kyle Leon and John Barban) before putting together the training manuals, training videos and nutrition software researched via focus groups to answer the question what is the perfect body?

In other words they set out to find out what is the purest, most attractive male form known.

What they learned, primarily from women, is the following:

  • Women generally aren’t into huge, bulky muscles.
  • Women don’t like string bean.
  • Women PREFER lean, dense muscular bodies – the type that has been epitomized with the ideal male figure through the centuries. What was the ideal body 100′s of years ago, remains.

When you look at statues of men over the centuries, they’re often sculpted in the ideal male form – lean, dense muscle. Not surprisingly, this is still the preferred body type for women (based on AGR’s research).

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Once they learned what the perfect body is, they set out to create training and nutrition materials that helps anyone develop the perfect body.

2 Modules In this Program

There are 2 main modules – the training module and the nutrition module.

However, using software, each user of the program receives customized materials designed for their current form to build muscle. It’s very impressive.

The best way to illustrate exactly what you get and how this program works for you is to watch the following video:

Adonis Golden Ratio Video Review

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What’s Included In the Program?

The program is a mix of online software an several manuals in Adonis Golden Ratio PDF format. Once inside your membership panel, you can easily download the Adonis Golden Ratio PDF documents, manuals and guides.

Training software to determine your training program (muscle gain, fat loss or hybrid muscle gain/fat loss) – based on your current dimensions.

Adonis Training Calculator

Full Training Workouts and Nutrition Guides (PDFs)

  • 1 for muscle gain
  • 1 for fat loss
  • 1 for hybrid muscle gain and fat loss

Each workout program is 12 weeks and includes all the workout details you need.

Nutrition Software

Adonis Nutrition Calculator Software

Nutrition Guides – 1 for each of the 3 programs (PDFs)

78 Exercise Demonstration Videos

Each exercise in the training manuals is accompanied with demonstration videos.

Arms and Abs Assault Manual

Adonis Arms and Abs Workout Manual

My 2 Criticisms of this Program

I’ve purchased a lot of workout programs over the years and this one is one of the better ones in terms of detail and the amount of materials you get. The workout programs are very detailed. Nutrition information is nicely customized.

However, one thing the program could include that would improve it is meal plans for each module. I realize this would require quite a bit more data to produce customized meal plans for each user, but it would round out the program very nicely.

My second critique may come across as silly, but here it is. The workouts change every week. In fact each day is unique throughout the 12 weeks. Maybe I’m old school, but I’m accustomed to doing the same exercises week-to-week.

My understanding is that mixing up the workouts is great for muscle confusion resulting in growth. However, and this is a convenience complaint – you need to bring in the workout materials to each gym session in order to know what to do. I know, it’s like complaining about having to carry too put away too many birthday presents.

Do I regret my decision to buy Adonis Golden Ratio?

Not at all. I’m actually a qualified buyer because I’m not into building a pro bodybuilder body, yet I do like having dense muscle.

Adonis FAQ

Should you buy if you’re a beginner?

Yes, if you want the lean muscular body. You do not need training experience.

Should you buy if you’ve been lifting for years?

This depends. If you have your ideal body, save your money. If you’re struggling still and/or hitting plateaus, give it a try. It just might get you to where you want to get to physique-wise.

Adonis TIP:

You can get a lot of mileage out of this product. Other workout products often leave you hanging once you go through the basic workout. Not with AGR. As you progress, you’re body dimensions will change. This means you might start off with the fat loss module, but after 12 weeks, you go back to the training software and because of your progress, you’ll be ready for the muscle gain or hybrid module.

Basically, at a minimum, it’s a 36 week program because of the multiple 12 week workouts.

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