The Benefits of an Alkaline Diet


The roots of the Alkaline Diet started in the early 1930's by Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg, who suggested cancer cells survive in an acidic environment by the fermentation of body sugars to create oxygen which allows them to reproduce, meanwhile creating a buildup of lactic acid. He found that this can create internal inflammation and cause severe pain. If the body is in an alkaline state with a neutral PH level of 7.35 - 7.45, the blood becomes fully oxygenated which stops the cancer cells being able to harvest these sugars, where they are unable to survive. Recent clinical studies have also shown great benefits in weight loss, too.

Free Radical Damage

Further studies have been undertaken in tests and trials, that find that one of the primary causes, (not just for cancer but for many other illnesses or diseases) is pollution. Since the birth of the Industrial Age, man has developed 100,000's of chemical compounds which are released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. These range from insecticides and pesticides all the way to the cosmetics we put on our faces. With current high levels of pollution, the human body is now producing more free radicals than it should produce naturally. For survival, free radicals steal electrons from neighboring healthy cells, which in turn must also connect to another healthy cell (to steal its healthy electron). Unfortunately, this leads to a rapid downward spiral in the cell condition within the body, which is being forced it into a state of acidosis. A state where illness and disease can thrive.

Free Radical Prevention

To combat free radical damage, the body needs a constant supply of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins. It is the combination of these which repair cell damage caused by free radicals. Tests have proven that individuals following a 20% acidic and an 80% alkaline foods rule is sufficient to reverse and repair the effects of free radical damage. Additionally, internal inflammation will usually also subside, while bringing the body back into a neutral PH state.


Nearly 100 years of research has gone into creating the Alkaline diet which has helped countless human beings with cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes, to name just a few. Many clinical studies have been conducted on these illnesses, where the results always point back to the same conclusion, in most instances. Essentially, for a body to be in a healthy state, it must be PH neutral. Then it may effectively combat the effects of illness and free radical damage, which can be supported by following the Alkaline Diet, and without the intervention of unnecessary medications.

So, 80% fruit and vegetables full of antioxidants, with a reliance on green and purple foods at center stage, with minimal proteins, processed sugars and carbohydrates (20%), can help long term health and aid in disease prevention. We all want to do that, don't we?

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