Awe Inspiring Yoga Poses

By Spartan Fitness

If you've ever been in a yoga class where most of the class has been doing yoga for a few years, you'll admit that you can't help ogling at their awe-inspiring flexibility and strength. It's inspiring, and gives insight into what many years of practice could lead you to.

One needs to actually see these awe inspiring yoga poses in order to really appreciate them. However, we have listed about 20 poses with a very brief and non-specific explanation of what it looks like. These yoga poses are in no specific order.

Handstand Scorpion

Doing a handstand is hard enough, however, when an intense backbend is included with the handstand, it's usually too challenging for most of us.

King Pigeon Pose

This type of extreme bending of the middle back takes years of practice.

Half Lotus Crow

Doing a Crow with both your legs in the Half Lotus position, takes practice.

Iron Cross Headstand

This is extreme inversion pose. Standing on your head with both hands spread out balancing you in the iron cross.

Scorpion With Broken Tail

Doing a forearm stand is tough enough, but bending both your knees while resting your feet directly on your head to create the Scorpion makes it even harder.

Chakra Bond Pose

This pose takes the Full Wheel pose to a whole new level most people are not willing to go.

Big Toe Bow

This is an advanced variation of the Bow where your grip on your toes causes your back to arch to the extreme.


Full body-weight on both wrists with feet and legs above you, the Peacock pose is a great yoga pose but isn't for everyone.

Sleeping Yogi

With both legs to be firmly secured behind your head, this pose demands extreme flexibility.


Graceful yet bold, requiring very open and flexible hips, as well as some serious upper-body strength.

Peacock Variation

This crazy Peacock variation is not for the feint hearted and takes years to perfect.

One-Legged Staff

This is a headstand with a serious backbend variation.


Is a variation on the Wheel pose because now you drop back sitting directly into it, coming from a standing position.

Standing Flying Crow

This demands incredible strength plus enormous flexibility in the hips. You're in the extreme arm balanced pose, with your right foot planted firmly on your right triceps.

Locust Scorpion

This Locust variation demands extreme spinal flexibility.

Leg Behind Head Sage

The Sage pose is working your core and your upper body, but this pose has your leg behind your head.

Dancer Split

This dancer pose is about balance that most people think is all about the backbend, but if/when you straighten your leg into a full split position, it'll be a major stretch on the hamstrings.

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