How to Become a Male Fitness Model

Fitness modeling is a lot tougher that most people realize, it requires as much commitment and dedication as any bodybuilding objective does. The reason why it's tough is because fitness models have to maintain a good condition all year round, because a call for a shoot can come at any time during the year.

Fitness model workouts will be light weights with supersets, but light weights do not mean small 10lb dumbbells. Training is hard and intense because a fitness model not only trains with high volume 6 days a week but he/she will train and push to reach failure on every workout, only taking a 30 second break between sets.


The most important aspect for any top fitness model is going to be his/her balance, symmetry, shape and proportion. Developing the upper chest is important, the model will do incline D/B bench presses at around 60-degree angle. The flat D/B fly is used for hitting outer chest growth.

The deltoids are vitally important for any fitness model. Whether male or female the broader and more separated their deltoids appear, the narrower their hips will look, enhancing the "Adonis look" in males and enhancing balance and symmetry in female fitness models.

The deltoid muscle has three heads. Each head needs to be isolated individually with at least one isolation exercise, means three exercises for shoulders. Front delts, forward D/B raises, side delts are isolated by doing side D/B raises, and finally rear delts are isolated doing bent-over D/B raises.


Part of getting that "V-Shape" or Adonis look demands maintenance for any fitness model. Lat pull-downs will hit the fitness models outer lats, the same with wide-grip lat pulldowns which hit their inner lats. A fitness models relies on full back development and should do seated cable rows as well to work the Rhomboids in the middle of the back. D/B shrugs and upright rowing would be done for traps, with hyperextensions for lower back.


No fitness model's physique would be photographed without leg development, and fitness models know that. On leg training day, the fitness model will do leg extensions, hack squats and leg presses for the quadriceps. They would do lying leg curls and standing leg curls for hamstrings, and finish their leg workout with standing calf raises to bang the calves.


The arms are a telltale sign of a fitness models condition. These two important muscle groups are almost always seen first. The fitness model will do the basic arm movements including standing D/B curls, preacher and reverse curls for developing a full bicep, seated D/B extensions and lying triceps extensions with triceps pushdown for developing full triceps.


Bodybuilders know that the more abdominal work they do it just makes the stomach look larger, this is detrimental to any fitness model's physique. A fitness model will do a few sets targeting the upper abs, and some hanging leg raises targeting the lower abs.


Fitness models need peak fitness which means doing at least 60-minutes cardio twice every week, this is additional to the intense superset workout above.


The reps a fitness model should train will range between 15-to-20 reps for each targeted muscle group to get fully exhausted. Each exercise will be done for three sets with the specific objective of selecting a weight where failure is reached on the last rep.

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