Best Exercises for Each Body Part

The only way to answer the question of which is the best exercise for each body-part is scientifically. It has got nothing to do with personal preferences, genetic somatotype or routine followed. The selected movements listed below are scientifically selected using an EMG analysis technique, which is an electro-diagnostic reading that measures muscular electrical activity.

If you hadn't guessed it, squats came out on top. The best exercise for all four quads, your gluteus maximus and your hamstrings.

Scientifically speaking the squat produced the highest EMG reading for those muscle-groups. One of the senior researches called iSatori's Adele said that skipping any of the top exercises in a weight training routine will render it "horribly incomplete."

It should be noted that although EMG readings dictate the most effective/targeted movement for muscles fibers that are built to adapt or die, therefore most strength coaches recommend cycling to enhance adaptation.

For example, the almighty bench-press was in the top three scientifically proven to be the most effective exercise. You will be interested to know that the EMG shows a higher reading with barbell bench-press than D/B bench-press, flat, incline or decline.

More than one EMG study has concluded that barbell bench-press activates more muscle fibers than D/B presses, or D/B flyes, strangely enough the barbell bench-press is also superior when targeting triceps brachii. Strength and muscle gain will be guaranteed when all these movements are included in any weight training routine.

The following list of movements have been rated as the most effective movement for each of the following body-parts:

Chest: Bench-press, Pec deck or dumbbell flyes

Back: Barbell row, Pull-ups

Shoulders: Barbell press, Incline dumbbell lateral raises

Biceps: Barbell curls, Incline dumbbell curls

Triceps: Close-grip bench-press, Rope triceps push down

Forearms: Barbell wrist curl, Barbell reverse wrist curl

Thighs: Squat, Leg extention

Hamstrings: Lying leg curl, Standing leg curl

Calves: Standing calf raises, Seated calf raises

Abdominals: Crunches, Hanging leg raises

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