Bodyweight Exercises for Triceps

By Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

There are a few bodyweight movements that will certainly improve the size and strength of your triceps. We have selected a few of the best of these movements which are briefly described below. It should be understood that the list of bodyweight movements is not in any specific order.

Diamond Push-ups: Although doing regular push-ups will be able to strengthen your triceps, when you do diamond push-ups your triceps activation will be taken to the next level. If you're someone who is used to doing push-ups with your elbows pushed outwards, then you'll certainly notice a big difference when doing a diamond push-up and how hard your triceps have to work.

Keeping your fingers touching while you tuck your elbows close to your sides, you then lower your upper body down to about 2-3 inches off the ground. You need to breathe in as your body goes down while you tighten your abdominals, your glutes and your leg muscles. Raise back upwards and repeat. If you lift your feet above the ground, you'll be putting more stress on your triceps.

Dips: The dipping movement is probably the best triceps movement because it focuses almost solely on the triceps muscles. When you do enough dips, using bodyweight or you add extra weight you're guaranteed to increase the strength of your triceps, making them more defined than ever before.

Gripping a dipping bar with both your hands, you then straighten your arms while you cross your legs behind you so that they to stay off the floor. Keeping your shoulders back and your chest up, you then lower downwards so your elbows get to parallel with the floor or further. Raise yourself back upwards to your starting position, this is then one rep.

Handstand push-ups: Require an enormous amount of your triceps strength just to attempt them. When you can master just the beginner version your triceps will be a lot stronger than an average gym-goer.

Facing a wall standing, you then kick your feet upwards so that you're then in the handstand position leaning against the wall. Squeezing your abs, your glutes and your leg muscles, you then lower yourself to the ground till the top of your head touches the ground. You then push back upwards and repeat.

L-sits: are considered as a core exercise, they're also fantastic to use for strengthening your triceps. If you can hold the L-sit position for just 5-seconds, you'll feel your triceps start to burn! L-sits can be done off the ground but you'll find them easier if you use parallell or a dipping bar.

L-sits are done holding parallel bars, gripping them with both your hands, you then lift yourself off the floor, making sure that everything is kept tight. If you find this a struggle, continue to try and hold this position for 10-15 seconds. When you can do this then try to extend one leg, holding this position for only 5 seconds. A full L-sit will require you to extend both your legs, keeping them both perfectly straight.

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