Build a Bodyweight PVC Gym

By Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

Bodyweight PVC Gym
A Good Example of a Homemade PVC Gym

If you're ever found getting to gym to be a time consuming hassle and you can't afford dumping $1,000 into a new home gym system, then you should know that it's very possible to build a very good bodyweight gym using no more than $150 of PVC pipe, a little bit of rope, some duct tape and a little grit.

It's a very simple process that pieces together PVC connections with some simple cheap piping. We can all agree that most exercise equipment is not created because it looks good but rather because it works effectively.

When you spend $150 on some PVC piping you'll find yourself with a bodyweight gym where you can do movements like dips, chin-ups, handstands and many other highly effective bodyweight movements. This will allow you to perform a good workout at your own convenience.

Building a homemade pull-up bar with some steel pipe and a few PVC elbow fittings is easier than you might think. Making your own PVC Parallettes using 1/2" PVC pipe and a few PVC elbows is also a lot easier than you might think.

Bodyweight training has a different type of accent to it because it relies on bodyweight to add more weight which means you need to find a way to do a movement that you can take to the point of failure. For example, creating a PVC Pipe used for stabilization and increasing your core strengthening exercises.

There are actually many different types of resilient PVC connected pipe fitting options that you can build for only $150. Just like creating any new training program it takes planning. You need to be prepared to follow specific direction in making all this possible.

Once you have the basics all setup you'll be able to go into your own home gym and give yourself a good all round workout working all your major muscle groups. We have not listed all the many different types of bodyweight training additions you can create but it is freely available online and is easy to find.

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