Broscience vs Real Science

"Bro Science" is a colloquial term used to describe the full range of common misconceptions and the many bits of false information relating to bodybuilding. Often this bro-science sentiment includes diet and nutritional advice or "bulking" techniques not proven by science. It depends on what specific bro-science we're talking about because some bro-science actually holds a lot of water.

Bro-science is based on anecdotal or observational data indicators that are often used to explain to beginners why they should train a certain way or eat a certain way, supplements etc. Bro-science is unfortunately usually totally devoid of any scientific backing, and may even completely contradict certain proven scientific evidence.

Bro-science is used sarcastically amongst bodybuilders which is unfortunate because it minimizers the artistic or aesthetic part of the iron game. The term bro-science also elevates proven scientific evidence above that of cumulative or once-off observations anecdotal evidence. A bro-scientist get data from doing trial and error, evolving an exercise program specific to your needs based on your bodies feedback.

Sports Science or Exercise Physiology explain the average weight-lifters/bodybuilders routine done in a gym as a modified strength program, because the average routine is neither a strength program specific for increasing strength, nor is it a hypertrophy program designed to maximize muscle growth.

If we look at the average, decent muscle confusion training routine that allows you to rest certain body-parts while you work on others. This kind of routine will probably have 3-5 sets doing 8-15 reps. The problem is that this type of routine might be good for fat-loss but the lack of (TUT) time under tension when your muscles are fully contracted is minimized because you're repping away.

That is just one example of the many differences between science and bro-science, which clearly indicates that doing multi-joint exercises for sets and reps is not the ideal way to develop strength or additional muscle gains. Below is another example that compares bro-science with the proven science of nutrition.

Bro-science: Frequent Feeding means frequent meals which will "stoke" your metabolic fire, raising your metabolism speed and helping your body to burn a lot more calories.

Science: Meal frequency will not impact energy balance; this means that eating fewer meals will not slow your "metabolic fire" down.

Common Sense: Learn to listen, when your body tells you it's hungry you should know why and rather structure a meal-plan to suite your own unique eating habits. Trial and error will always tell you what works best for you.

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