How to Burn More Fat at The Gym

By Paul Becker author of The Spartan Program

We all know very well how tough it is to maintain a regular training schedule. Life is unpredictable and things happen that upset the best laid plans. Even if your fortunate enough to train twice a day, consuming enough protein to support a farm and taking supplements with the careful planning of a chemical engineer, you're still able to burn more fat that you do when training.

There are many ways that you could change your existing routine that you do so that you burn more calories. From taking herbal drinks and supplements to increase your metabolic speed to adding cardio bursts to your workout, the list is endless. Below we have listed the top three ways on how to burn more fat during exercise .


There's a reason why your mom told you "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", because it jump-starts your metabolism. It is this important jump-start which fuels the repair of the muscle damage you caused in the gym, enabling the repair process while it initiates your fat-burning process.


If you are able to set-up an eating system that gets you to eat 5 to 8 small meals spread throughout the day. This "grazing" consumption provides your body with all nourishment it needs, when it needs it, while keeping your metabolism at maximal speed throughout the day.

When you limit yourself to "three squares a day", it means more calories at each meal, this makes it tougher for the body to digest the food, making it more difficult for the metabolism to catch-up. Smaller meals help your metabolism to run on all its cylinders which increases fat-loss.


To get the best results you need to start bridging the fat burning process, kitchen to gym. This is done by structuring your workouts to keep the fire stoked. Any normal, muscle-building training routine can be transformed into a super-charged high fat-burning workout by mixing in bodyweight movements with typical resistance exercises.

This increases your cardiovascular experience, leading to increased fat-loss and endurance. After a mass of bench press reps, after you reach the point of failure throw in another set of push-ups. Or you could add a set of pull-ups after doing a set of seated cable rows. Or do a set of dips following triceps extensions, or walking lunges after leg press.

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