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Clenn-Max Review - Does this Work?

It’s funny how so much of the fat loss industry is geared towards women. But the fact is guys are just as interested in fat loss and building a lean body.

What’s the point of having plenty of muscle if it’s obscured by layers upon layers of fat. You might as well just be fat (unless you’re into powerlifting and love the feeling of pushing tons and tons of weight).

At first glance Clenn-Max Elite Series comes across as yet another female oriented magic fat busting supplement. While some women do take it, more men do because not only does it burn fat, but it also helps retain hard-won muscle.

The CrazyMass website says it best: Increases muscle to fat ratio. That’s awesome. That’s what we want.

Is this stuff loaded with Ephedrine?

No. It’s ephedrine free. In fact, it’s a safe fat burner (according to the makers of the product and I’ve found nothing to contradict their statement).

Does Clenn-Max work?

It’s a Clenbuterol ALTERNATIVE; a safe alternative at that, but offers Clen’s powerful fat burning benefits. Here’s what some Clenn-Max customers have to say:

Clenn Max Customer Reviews

Why would anyone buy this supplement?

The fact is sometimes you need a bit of a fat burning booster. You can do loads of cardio, eat a restrictive diet, lift hard and still have a hard time getting to single digit body fat percentage. That’s the reality and if that’s the case, this supplement may be just the boost you need to burn that excess fat to perfect your cutting cycle.

It’s not just a fat burner

While its main benefit is fat loss, it also increases endurance and enlarges your actual muscle fiber size. The increased muscle fiber size is a great benefit because that creates super hard and dense muscles. Think of your muscle as a balloon. The muscle fiber is the balloon. You muscle cells are the inside of the balloon. You generally increase muscle size by increasing the size of muscle cells, but the fiber remains more or less the same (i.e. the balloon stays the same). Yes, increasing muscle fiber size won’t radically increase your muscle size, but it will give you a leaner look.

Is this an injection-type supplement?

No. You take it via pills/tablets.

Is it safe?

Yes. It’s safe if taken as directed.

Is it legal?

Yes, it’s legal in the USA. Note that the product does not ship to the United Kingdom, but does ship everywhere else in the world.

Can overweight people take it?

Yes. Actually it’s popular for overweight people. It’s not just for bodybuilders on a cutting cycle (although they take it too).

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