How To Create The Most Effective Workout Program

Anyone that has worked out, at some stage in their lives, have thought about the ways he or she can improve the results they get from their workouts. There are 3 ways you can improve your workout programs so that you are able to achieve the absolute most from that effort put in at the gym. Let's, right now, go over those 3 ways to create the most effective workout program.

1 - Compound Exercises

If you are not already aware of what I mean when I refer to compound exercises, then it's a good time to start reading up on the basics of working out. To keep this post short, we recommend reading this top list. But basically compound exercises are a way of training your body with movements that target multiple muscle groups all at once. In comparison to isolated exercises, where only one major muscle group is targeted. Compound exercises consist of such exercises as squats, deadlifts and most Olympic lifts. Whereas isolated exercises consists of such exercises as bicep curls, tricep pull downs and calf raises.

Why Compound Exercises?

You are looking to get the most out of your exercises! By targeting more muscles in a shorter amount of time, you not only build more muscle and strength but also strengthen muscle that otherwise wouldn't have been targeted of worked out if you performed isolated workouts. A general rule of thumb is to keep 90% of your exercises in your workout as compound and 10% as isolated.

2 - Supplements: Pre-Workout, Intra-workout & Post-Workout

There are many supplements that can help further your potential throughout your workouts as well as afterwards. Such supplements as Pre-Workouts, Intra-Workouts and Post-Workouts can help improve performance and the recovery / development of muscle. In particular, pre-workout supplements can improve energy, focus and mental stimulation just before a workout. Intra-workout supplements like amino acids and BCAAs can help sustain muscle performance throughout a workout. Last but not least, post-workout supplements like protein powder can help the body absorb vital amino acids to help with the development and repair of muscle.

3 - Strength & Conditioning Training Program

Planning for and creating a strength and conditioning training program can help max your potential from your workouts. This style of planning and training is what all the professional athlete use to be their absolute best just in time for competition. You can take advantage of the research that has gone into this style of training and plan your workouts around it. Strength and conditioning training basically plans for progressive overload in your exercises, rest time and nutrition to push the boundaries of both your performance and muscle gains. For a more detailed review of strength and conditioning training programs I highly recommend you read these pdfs.

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