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Free workout routines online, try these 100% free workout routines to build muscle and lose weight.

Want to get in shape fast?

Do you want to get stronger, gain muscle, increase energy & endurance, burn fat, get six pack abs, be healthier, etc?

These free workouts will help you with any fitness goal.

Free Workout Routines to Build Muscle and Lose Weight

Back Superset Workouts Routines you can try to add some serious growth to your back.

Barbell and Bodyweight Routine Combining bodyweight and barbell training.

Chest Superset Workouts Designed to build muscle rather than promote overall conditioning.

Classic 3 Day Split Workouts Anyone can benefit from doing 3-day splits, from novice to advanced.

Dave's VIF Workout Stands for Volume Intensity and Frequency, V.I.F for short.

Dumbbell Chest Workouts 3 killer chest workouts with dumbbells for mass and strength.

Growth Stimulus Training Workout Is designed for those who get motivated by numbers and percentages.

Guide to Creating a Weight Lifting Superset Workout Supersets are doing exercises back-to-back with no rest.

How to Get Big Arms 10 important tips and 4 sample arm workouts.

How to Get Muscle Pump Fast 3 workouts ideal for getting an awesome pump.

Kinobody Workout Routine Greg O'Gallagher's current shredding workout, 3 day split.

Non Traditional Cardio Workouts I'm talking short and sweet cardio bursts, no running involved.

Reverse Pyramid Workout Lets you lift more weight for your heavy sets because you do the heavy sets first.

Shoulder Superset Workout Routines I think building up ripped shoulders is underrated.

Supersets and Drop Sets Combo for High Intensity Training, sample workout provided.

The Strong Lifts 5x5 Workouts Designed to get you stronger and build muscle.

Traps Workout Routines 3 Traps workouts for crafting the perfect shoulder and neck symmetry.

TRX Total Body Workout Here are six exercises I like doing using TRX.

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout Dumbbells will offer a more varied approach to hitting the muscle fibers.

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