Full Body Barbell Only Workout

There could be a number of reasons why you would be interested in doing a barbell only workout. From a home gym with non-matching dumbbells to cycling your workouts for 6-8 weeks training at a fully equipped gym. The workout routine listed below will enable anyone to train at home with only a barbell and some weights, it can be done anytime of the day and is designed to increase lean body mass and strength.

There are two ways of approaching your barbell training, the first is to train with a barbell specifically to increase your power/strength ratio. This will mean doing 4 different barbell movements every second day with a full day’s rest after each workout.

Exercise	    Day 1	 Day 2	        Day 3
A1. Squat	    5 X 5 reps	 4 X 4 reps	3 X 3 reps
B1. Bench Press	    5 X 5 reps	 4 X 4 reps	3 X 3 reps
C1. Deadlift	    5 X 5 reps	 4 X 4 reps	3 X 3 reps
D1. Bent-Over Row   3 X 10 reps	 3 X 8 reps	3 X 6 reps

This workout is to train three non-consecutive days every week.

The second choice is to specifically train to increase muscle size and not strength/power. This hypertrophy training would then need to be trained 4 times a week, splitting the body into upper and lower body and training each body-part twice a week:

Day 1: Upper Body
Exercise                        Sets/Reps
A1. Overhead Press	        5 X 5 reps
A2. Bent-Over Row        	5 X 5 reps
B1. Incline Bench-press	        4 X 8 reps
B2. Barbell Shrugs	        4 X 8 reps
C1. Floor Press or Bench-press	3 X 10 reps
C2. Bicep Curls	                3 X 10 reps

Day 2: Lower Body
Exercise	                Sets and Reps
A1. Front Squats	        5 X 5 reps
B1. Romanian Deadlifts	        5 X 5 reps
C1. Lunges	                4 X 8 reps each side
C2. Supine Bridge	        4 X 8 reps
D1. Calf Raises	                3 X 10 reps
D2. Ab B/B Rollouts	        3 X 10 reps

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