Full Body Workout for Mass and Strength

By Natural Size.

If you've been training with weights on a regular basis because you want to increase your strength and your lean body mass, then you might have heard about a concept called power-building. Power-building is the very specific 6-week training program using a combination of both high volume bodybuilding training and powerlifting.

Power-building is built on two very specific workouts. The first is called your "max effort day" which means you're going to be working up to your 1RM (Rep Maximum). The second type of training is your light days, using higher reps, going for the pump, building muscle. But the routine below includes something called "the dynamic effort method" (DE).

There's nothing complicated about this technique, you're lifting light weights explosively. The weight you holding might not feel challenging, but when you start moving quickly (and violently) it trains or teachers your central nervous system to only recruit the strongest, biggest muscle fibers overcoming your sticking points. For example, when doing a bench-press usually it stalls halfway through the rep when using a heavy weight, if you use DE it will help develop the speed coming off your chest, blasting through important sticking points.

When you do heavy training less than 5 reps it's hard on your joints, but when you can rotate your main lifts by changing up your workouts weekly, you'll be able to avoid overusing and/or overtraining injuries that often plague many lifters. The answer is to switch the main lift in your max-effort workout every week.

In fact, if you follow the basic template listed below you will be able to switch out every exercise listed week to week. The template below includes two weeks' sample workouts. You would then continue to use the same format to complete all 6 weeks.

Your first max-effort day you'll be training chest and biceps, you should do 3 to 4 chest exercises and 3 biceps movements per session, the specific exercises you decide to pick are going to be up to you. For example, your main lift could be the bench-press the first week, then incline-press on the next week, or some other movement, always search for what works best for you.

So you will be training two max-effort workouts a week and two dynamic-effort workouts a week, doing splits like chest and biceps, back and legs, or shoulders and triceps. It will therefore take you 2 weeks to fully train each body-part with max-effort and dynamic-effort by-following the template to help fit it all together.

Your max-effort workouts will only focus on improving just one main lift. Starting always with a good warm-up, you then select a variant of the main exercise like a squat, deadlift, bench-press, or overhead press slowly increasing the weight. Keeping your reps to 5 or less you max out, then move onto the next main lift.

Your dynamic-effort workout is about moving the weight as fast as you can. (Note when doing DE pull-ups on your back day, it'll be body-weight.) Your dynamic workout should be between 60-70% of your own 1RM for these exercises. If it feels too heavy, reduce the weight. Your objective is to be as explosive, maintaining perfect form. You should rest only 60 seconds between all your dynamic-effort sets.


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