Habits of a Fit Person

If you have ever looked at really fit person and considered the daily habits that person has to enable peak fitness on a long-term basis. Really fit people never starve themselves and they also don't spend the whole day working out. You'll be shocked to know that super-fit people don't live a pedantic super-restrictive life.

Super-fit people have a healthy lifestyle, they know how to train outside their comfort zone and they have adapted to the daily habits and routine which has enabled them the ability to get better constantly. Over two thirds of all USA citizens are either overweight or obese.

We all know that we'll not get fat by eating the whole cheesecake, we also know that we'll not suddenly be healthy and lose excess fat by eating a salad. Fitness starts and ends with lifestyle. Below is a list of 10 different life-style/habits of successfully fit people.

1. Eat a smart breakfast

Research clearly shows that skipping breakfast will increase body-fat, a breakfast needs to have lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fat.

2. Start each day with exercise

Research shows fit people train in the morning and not the afternoon. When interviewed they said it puts them in a healthy mindset for the remainder of the day.

3. Eat only when your body needs to

Healthy people have learnt to listen to their bodies, they only eat when their body tells them to, not because something looks good.

4. Know what you're drinking

Fit people will reach for water before they reach for a soda or some sports tonic loaded with calories. Excess calories do not have ANY health benefits.

5. Never stroll, fit people always bounce with a faster pace

It might feel like a power walk when strolling down road with a fit person but it came from a habit of walking faster.

6. Fit people cook and eat when they're at home

Fit people don't pick up the phone when they hungry, they go to the fridge. A fit person's refrigerator is packed with healthy and very fresh ingredients. Eating out is not an option.

7. Fit people don't obsess about their bodies

Fit people leading a fit lifestyle rarely think about weighing themselves or checking themselves in the mirror, it's a lifestyle that involves habits that generate rewards.

8. Always keep water on your nightstand

Hydrating yourself when you wake up in the morning is incredibly important, it will help to cleanse the digestive system and prepare for the coming day.

9. Count the colors of food, not the calories

Not all calories are equal. The calories in a cup of almonds will have a completely different effect on your body compared to calories found in a cup of potato chips. Keeping sensible portions is easier when counting the different colors on the plate. Adding greens, yellows and reds will help you create a healthy, nutrient-rich meal helping to fuel your body so that muscle recovery will improve, along with weight loss.

10. Snack intelligently

Snacking is not your enemy; fit people know that planning snacks and not impulse snacking promotes fitness and weight-loss. It pushes up the speed of your metabolism and it allows your body to call on energy when required.

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