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We are accepting high-quality guest-post articles with potential massive promotion of your article on our end – read further for full details.

What you get:

Exposure on a fast-growing fitness website.

2 dofollow links – You can place them both in-content and/or in byline or one in-content and one in byline – up to you. In-content links are good for SEO.

Your article will be tweeted and posted to Facebook page (growing in popularity).

Additional Promotion?

If you have a high volume of fitness-related Twitter followers, Facebook fans and/or e-mail subscribers to whom you will promote your guest post on our site, and you provide an excellent article, I can add some or all of the following promotion to your article (level of promotion depends on your reach and the quality of your article – to be discussed):

Publish 1 press release on PRWeb announcing your guest post on our site (and linking to it from the press release). This is at no cost to you. We have an annual PRWeb subscription. This alone can generate decent traffic and is a great link to your guest post.

Promote your guest post in my e-mail newsletter, linking to your guest post (or simply outright promote your article). Again, this depends on your ability to promote your guest article and the quality of your article.


Article length: 800 words (preferably 1,000 + words). High quality only. Unique and never published before.

You’re welcome to provide images.

One outbound link to an authority site that’s not self-serving (i.e. not your site).

Topics: Health, fitness, building muscle, weight loss, fitness gear, nutrition, etc.

My level of promotion is up for discussion … depending on your ability to promote the article and the quality of your article.

This opportunity is not only about obtaining high quality backlinks, but it can deliver real traffic from our mutual promotion. This is ideal if you are building a subscribership and/or selling something fitness related.

How to submit a guest post:

Send your topic idea or completed article for submission by emailing us

Let us know how many Twitter followers you have, Facebook fans you have and/or the number of email subscribers you have and that you’re prepared to promote your guest post to these channels. Any other social media channels … let us know. Please provide links to your social media outlets.

Based on your submission and reach, we’ll let you know what level of promotion we can provide along with whether your article will be accepted.

No formatting is required. You can attach the article to e-mail or set it out in the body of the e-mail message. Please provide images, if any (ensure you have the necessary license and/or proper attribution).

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