Herbs for Building Muscle

strong lean man using herbs for health

Most supplement talk about building muscle involves creatine, protein supplements and BCAAs.

Interestingly, there’s very little discussion about how herbs might be able to help with building muscle.  Well, the reason for this is that there aren’t herbs that specifically build muscle.

However, if you take the 10,000 foot look at herbs, they just might be something that can help you with your training.

Specifically, consider the following ways herbs might help you with your training.  For example, if you lack energy, that impacts your workouts.  Herbs can help.  If you have anxiety or depression, that could definitely be impacting your training.

The point is that herbs can be used as therapy for conditions that negatively impact your training and your health.

How herbs can help your training

1.  Testosterone Booster

If more testosterone can help you train better, consider herbs that increase testosterone in addition to or instead of testosterone boosters.  Here’s a list of 5 herbs that purportedly increase testosterone (note that this article concludes that Tribulus Terrestris does not increase testosterone and this article suggests “natural methods” for increasing testosterone doesn’t help build more muscle).

2.  More Energy

If you’re lacking in energy, instead of gulping energy drinks, try an herbal remedy.  Check these 4 herbs out.

3.  Anxiety/Depression/Mood disorders

If you’re active and fit, you likely don’t have a mood disorder, but you might.  If you do, not only can it impact your training, it impacts your life and health.

4.  Improved sleeping

Sleep is critically important for building muscle – both directly and indirectly (i.e. energy for training).  If you suffer sleep problems, herbs might help.  Here’s a good list.

5.  Digestive help

As you know, nutrition is key to building muscle.  If you have digestive problems that bar you from eating muscle building foods or simply have digestive problems, these herbs might help.

6.  Anti-Inflammatory

Injured?  Excessively sore from some serious training?  Herbs can help.  Check these out.

7.  Back pain

Herbs can help treat various soft tissue injuries, especially tension issues.  This is a really good article about back pain and natural remedies.

Disclaimer:  Please always consult a physician before starting any therapy program, including herbal therapy.