Home workout routine - The ultimate home workout

With the number of obese and morbidly obese people living on our planet currently higher than ever before, with numbers increasing on a weekly basis, it's pretty safe to say that we're not all in as great a shape as we would like to be, and that's putting things politely.

With waistlines expanding, life expectancies decreasing, and governments and health care officials shelling out billions upon billions in weight and diet-related health care every single financial year, something needs to happen sooner rather than later.

The reasons for this are also abundantly clear - a poor diet and a lack of exercise.

We all know how important exercise and physical activity for our bodies is, yet many people sadly don't get anywhere near enough, which combined with the fact that more people are currently leading increasingly sedentary lifestyles, is very worrying indeed.

If you were to suggest to these individuals that perhaps they should go to the gym more often, or workout more often, they will almost always use the same excuse, as if by default, which is that they "don't have the time to exercise".

It's funny how they don't have the time to exercise, yet each night they find the time to lounge around on the sofa once they finish work.

In reality, however, anybody can make the time to exercise and if travelling to and from a gym is indeed to difficult, then you needn't worry, as you can follow a basic home workout routine from the comfort of your own home.


Why exercise at home? - If you really don't have the time to go to a gym, or leisure centre, and workout, this does not give you an excuse not to workout at all. Instead, all it does, is mean that you need to find more viable ways of working out instead, which is where home exercise comes into the mix.

By exercising at home, you not only save time, you also save yourself money, not only on gym membership fees, but also on fuel and travel costs as well.

What's more is the fact that you will be in your own comfort zone, where you can workout at your own leisure, without having to worry about what others may be thinking.

In order for you to follow the home workout routine which we'll be providing you with however, you will need to purchase a few pieces of equipment, but don't worry, they'll pay for themselves in just a few months, and besides which, they're helping to save your life, which makes them worth every penny.


What equipment will you need? - In order to follow the home workout routine provided shortly, you will need the following:


-        An adjustable bench

-        A set of adjustable dumbbells

-        An adjustable barbell or EZ bar set

-        A jump rope

-        An exercise ball

-        A stop watch

-        An exercise mat

-        A relatively open space


And that is pretty much that.

All of the above can be found on pre-owned sites, or can be purchased brand new for a respectable price as well.

Ideally you should also have an open space such as a spare room, a garage, or even a backyard for you to exercise in safely and efficiently.

Now that you know why working out at home is beneficial, plus what you need to workout at home, let's take a look at the ultimate home workout routine to help you get fitter, with ripped ABS, and V lines, and be healthier, and more toned than ever before.


The ultimate home workout routine:


Strength and mass building day


10 minutes of gentle stretching

Flat bench dumbbell bench press - 4 sets of 15 reps

Seated dumbbell shoulder press - 4 sets of 15 reps

Bent over barbell or EZ bar rows - 4 sets of 10 - 12 reps

Bodyweight squats - 4 sets of 15 reps

EZ bar or barbell curls - 4 sets of 12 - 14 reps

Triceps kickbacks - 3 sets of 20 reps super-setted with 3 sets of 10 close-grip push ups

5 minutes of gentle stretching and warming down.


Fat burning and conditioning day


10 minutes of gentle stretching

Push ups - 4 sets of 15 reps

Stomach crunches - 4 sets of 30 reps

Walking lunges - 4 sets of 10 reps per leg

Burpees - 4 sets of 15 reps

Jump rope - 4 sets of one minute continuous rounds

Laying leg raises - 4 sets of 20 reps

Close grip push ups - 4 sets of 15 reps

Bicycle crunches - 4 sets of 30 reps

Plank - 4 sets of a minimum of one minute rounds

4 minutes of gentle stretching and warming down.


The workout structure should look something like this, although you can switch the days around to better suit your schedule:


Mon - Strength and muscle building

Tues - Fat burning and conditioning

Weds - Off

Thurs - Strength and muscle building

Fri - Fat burning and conditioning

Sat - Off

Sun - Off

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