Does Weight Training Increase Testosterone

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Testosterone (T) is what makes a man, it is responsible for his characteristics as a male. The amount of muscle mass the male can carry is directly proportional to his daily T production. The testosterone you got as a man is also proportional to your strength, your bone density, your voice deepening, fat distribution, hair patterns, physical energy, fertility and libido.

Fitness professionals and doctors openly admit that there is still a lot that needs to be learned about exercise and how it effects testosterone production. The problem is there are several factors, besides your training routine and what you actually do in your workout that is involved with how much testosterone you produce each day.

It is questions like that above which started sports science, but after years of study it is still clear that when exercise is a habit and not just once a week, the daily testosterone production increases. Sports science tells us that immediately after exercise our testosterone levels rise, the problem is the T levels do not rise for long.

Dr. Todd Schroeder, PhD, from University of Southern California studied how exercise and testosterone works in older men said that the elevated T levels can last from 15 minutes to over and hour. Dr. Scott Isaacs, MD, from Emory University says that exercise has a potent effect on borderline T levels between low and normal.

Sports science has now broken down the testosterone boosting effects of exercise and they tell us that T production is dependent on 4 important factors. Your weight, your age, your fitness level, plus your workout.

1. Your weight: Research clearly shows that people who are overweight, when they exercise it will improve their testosterone levels. Dr. Len Isaacs clearly details this study in his book Hormonal Balance: "How to Lose Weight By Understanding Your Hormones and Metabolism".

2. Your age: Research shows that older men will get less post-exercise T boost, men over 60 still get a T boost from exercise, but it's less. The benefits of exercise are well documented in elder men, from improved muscle and bone health to an improved sense of balance.

3. When to exercise: Your testosterone levels vary throughout your day. Usually they are at their highest levels in the morning, measurements vary but generally the lowest levels will be in the afternoon. Research that was done to establish the best time to train showed that training in the evening after work gets the best results.

4. Your fitness level: If someone is completely out of shape and exercises their T boost when they start will be larger than someone who trains regularly. The body needs to adapt, building muscle is about habit, routine and discipline. As your body adapts to the routine and the T boost you get from training diminishes.

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