Knee Sleeves Benefits

Knee Sleeves Benefits

Knee sleeves have been worn around the globe for a considerable amount of time due to knee injuries that were rampant. Knee sleeves, alongside other protective knee gear like functional knee braces, prophylactic knee braces, and even rehabilitation braces have been used to protect athletes and other sports people against these injuries. It is best to know how to choose the best knee sleeves so that they can serve their purpose well. Furthermore, If you have read through this article and want to choose the most suitable knee sleeves for your own, click here to read Paul's review.

Benefits of the knee sleeve

Among all the knee braces available in the market currently, the knee sleeve seems to be the most popularly used. It is almost impossible to go to any gym and not meet at least one person wearing these sleeves. Therefore, it is important to understand the reason why these knee braces are so popular.

  1. The first and probably the most important point to remember about benefits of a knee sleeve is that it provides an athlete with quick recovery time in case of the knee injury. The science behind this fact is pretty simple: As the sleeve compresses the knee area, more blood flow is encouraged towards the knee. More blood flow to the knee means that the knee has a better recovery.
  2. In the case of injury during exercise or play, the knee sleeve ensures that pain is minimized. This is caused by the fact that it compresses the knee area, encouraging warmth and blood flow to the affected area.
  3. Due to the compression that the knee sleeve imposes on the knee, swelling is also minimized while an athlete or a gymnast is performing. The reason for this is because the patella movement is limited.
  4. Knee sleeves increase the proprioception around the knee. Proprioception is the aspect whereby a person is able to feel exactly where a joint is as sensed by the CNS (Central nervous system). This fact alone helps reduce pain, swelling and encourages healing of the knee. It also makes the wearer aware of their movements when in practice hence making them more careful.

Who needs it and who does not need it?

It is important that anyone who is intensely involved in sports and any form of athletics understand whether they need the knee sleeves or not. There are certain instances where a person should not rely on knee sleeves during their performance.

Who actually needs it?

People who practice sport and athletics professionally, and anyone who is an intermediate sports practitioner. Anybody involved in strenuous knee exercises like squatting should consider wearing these sleeves. They protect you while you are going about your exercises. They enable you to reach your goals and even go beyond your limits. It definitely gives you a competitive edge among your peers.

While performing these exercises, one does not have to deal with the stress of always thinking about the injury because they are always protected. Who should not use knee sleeves?

Who should not use knee sleeves?

A new weightlifter is not encouraged to wear these sleeves. The reason is because a new weightlifter does not work with very heavy weight. Their weights are light compared to seasoned weight lifters. This is to mean that for new lifters, the pressure on the knee is not as intense.

Another group of people who should not attempt to use this sports gear is people with unstable knees. Knee sleeves will not protect this type of knee from any harm. It is, therefore, important to consult your physician before embarking on any exercise regimen.

Controversy behind the knee sleeve

There have been notable controversies when it comes to whether or not knee sleeves actually prevent injuries. Some studies have shown that they can prevent pain and swelling, due to the warmth retention effect that they possess. Although the fact they can make the pain subside does not make them enough for preventing actual knee injuries.

Features to look out for when purchasing knee sleeves

A good knee sleeve is one which provides comfort when worn, is warm and can be easily slid onto and out of your knee. A good sleeve should have good grip, but not to be too tight, as this will prevent blood flow within the leg area.

The best knee sleeve should be soft with a nylon lining. This lining is what increases the warmth to the knee area. Choose the best knee sleeves for your price range so as to get good value for your money.

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