How Much Body Fat Do You Have to Lose to See Your Abs?

Six Pack Abs

So you want 6 pack abs (if you don’t, this article is meaningless to you)?

While doing some ab exercises can help, you ain’t gettin’ them without losing body fat.

Ever wonder why super skinny guys who have never lifted a weight have six pack abs? It’s not because they do ab exercises (they don’t). It’s because they’re skinny.

So how much body fat do you have to lose to see your abs? Put another way, what body fat percent do you need?

This is the big question and it’s a good one because once you know the answer, you have a concrete goal. Saying your want six pack abs is too vague. Knowing how much to decrease your body fat is a realizable goal.

Like pretty much everything in fitness, it varies from person to person. It definitely varies between men and women.

Short answers:

If you’re a guy: you need to tone down to single digit body fat percent – 6 to 9 percent.

If you’re a woman: shoot for 10 to 15 percent.

The trouble with these numbers is sustaining them is not easy. There’s a reason bodybuilders aren’t in competition shape year-around – it would be too darn difficult.

But, if you want to achieve the ultimate wash-board abs, chisel away fat to the figures set out above.

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