THE 2 Secrets for Rapid Muscle Growth Are …

2 secrets for building muscleI’m dead-guilty of sometimes complicating things.  Just the other night I was reading some websites online about weightlifting and then I totally went off the deep-end at 1 a.m. by finding some science articles all about muscle fiber, muscle cells … I was getting into the minutia of muscle growth.

It’s okay to do this, and in fact it’s good to learn about muscle if you want to build muscle … but I ended up with pages of notes and in a fatigued state was madly trying to wrap my head around coming up with a new workout implementing all of this new info.

What I did was complicate things.  I didn’t follow the K.I.S.S. principle, which applies to most things in life, including bodybuilding.

Well tonight, here I’m at it again late, burning the midnight oil reading more about building muscle (I LOVE this stuff) and I find an article that is mind-blowingly awesome because it boils building muscle (muscle hypertrophy) down to 2 principles for rapid muscle growth.

The 2 principles or secrets are (1) Mechanical tension and (2) metabolic stress.

That’s it – 2 principles – Learn more at.

2 Mechanisms for Rapid Muscle Growth…