Muscle Chili Recipe

Most guys who pump iron that don't get the gains they intended actually don't eat enough protein, but they also don't know how to cook. These are two major problems that need to be solved that have nothing to do with the type of training you do, the weights you lift or the routine you follow.

Chili is without a doubt the cheapest and the easiest muscle-building meal that you can make. The muscle chili recipe below is loaded with lots of protein and vegetables, and it tastes amazing. You don't need to be a super-chef to throw this together, you just need to be able to chop a few vegetables and then throw some stuff into a pot.

STAGE 1: The prep

Peel a few carrots and remove the skin of a large onion plus the seeds found in a couple of bell peppers. Remove cilantro leaves from two or three stalks, wash all the ingredients in cold water, keeping both the cilantro leaves and stalks. You then chop all your washed veggies into 1/2 inch little cubes and finely chop a glove of garlic with your cilantro stalks.

STAGE 2: Throw it all in a pot

Put one or two tablespoons of olive oil into your pot and turn up the heat to medium heat. You then toss in your peeled and cut carrots, your celery, your bell peppers plus the chopped large onion and the finely cut garlic and cilantro stalks. Cook it all up for about 10 minutes stirring continuously to make sure nothing burns or sticks, if required add a little more olive oil.

After the 10 minutes add chili powder, cinnamon and cumin, and cinnamon, then stir. Then add the can of beans plus the can of tomatoes. If you have any spicy vegetable juice you should pour it in as well. You then crumble all the ground beef using your hands, into the pot (with clean hands).

Add some salt and black pepper to taste with two tablespoons balsamic vinegar. When the "stew" reaches boiling you should turn the heat down to low and then cover the pot.

STAGE 3: Wait for about an hour

You should keep an eye on your stew by stirring occasionally.

STAGE 4: Add a few toppers

After an hour is up, taste some of the chili yourself or add 1 or 2 of the following ingredients and enjoy:

Sour cream
Red pepper flakes
More salt
Cilantro leaves
Dark chocolate
Cheddar cheese

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