Big Lifts Workout

My New Explosive 2-Day “BIG LIFTS” Workout (that’s absolutely hammering my muscles)…

By Bodybuilding Store

Started a new workout. I LOVE it. Came up with it myself – it’s a combination of concepts that I’ve been publishing about lately.

This workout is not for the faint-of-heart. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK. It’s one of the most grueling programs I’ve ever put together for myself. If you’re a beginner, consider doing only 3 days a week instead of 4.

Yeah, often I buy a workout because I like trying workouts on the market, but this is just one of those training programs that came together – it was largely inspiration.

Here it goes:

  • Schedule: 4 days a week
  • Number of Workouts: 2 (I’ll refer to them as A and B).
  • Days of the Week: Monday (A), Tuesday (B), Wednesday (OFF – I do stretching), Thursday (A), Friday (B), Weekend (OFF – some light cardio).
  • Rest in between sets: 2 to 2.5 minutes (it’s heavy lifting).
  • Lift to failure.

Workout A: Upper Body

  • Chest: Bench Press – 5×5
  • Back: Barbell Rows – 5×5
  • Shoulders: Military Press – 5×5
  • Triceps: Dips – 5×5
  • Biceps: Barbell Curls – 5×5

Cardio: None

Stretching: I like doing some stretching in between sets and after workout B.

Part 2 of my new explosive 2-Day “BIG LIFTS” workout.

Workout B: Legs and Abs

  • Squats: 5×5
  • Deadlifts: 5×5
  • Lying down hamstring curls: 5×5
  • Seated Calf Raises: 5×10-12


  • Hanging leg raises (switch to supported leg raises if you can’t do 10 reps): 3×10
  • Exercise ball crunches: 3xMax

I like stretching after Workout B for 20 minutes – but this is optional.

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