My Personal Fitness Goals for 2013

I’ve put together some ambitious fitness goals for 2013.  The one I’m very excited about is completing an extremely rigorous home bodyweight workout program (P90X).  I’ve never done a home body weight workout program before other than yoga.

I will be starting P90X in about 5 to 7 days and will dedicate myself to it for 90 days.  I doubt I’ll get to the gym other than to sit in the sauna during this time.

Once I’m done with P90X, I’ll return to the gym with a renewed ferociousness for packing on some bulk.  I expect to be really ripped by then so the balance of the year will be hitting the weights.

So, my ambitious full year fitness goals are as follows:


  • Increase my bench press by 20%
  • Able to do 30 wide grip pullups (I think P90X will help as I understand there’s quite a bit of pullup action in the program).


  • Add 1/4 inch to my arms
  • Add 1 inch to my chest
  • Add 1 inch to my shoulders


  • Drop 2 inches off of my waistline (approximately 15 pounds)


  • Do one full yoga session each week (I’ll follow the P90X yoga routine during my P90X program).
  • Stretch for 20 minutes every day (mini-yoga session)


  • Swim 1 mile.  My gym has a pool and I’ve started swimming a bit.  I’m not sure I’ll complete this goal because I’m not wild about swimming … we’ll see.


  • Move around for 5 to 10 minutes every 90 minutes during the workday.  I write a lot for my livelihood, which means I end up sitting around a lot.  I need to move around more throughout the day.  I hope to incorporate more mini-sessions throughout the day.


  • Complete P90X in its entirety.  


  • Eliminate sugar before bed 6 days a week
  • Eat one large salad a day
  • While I do P90X I hope to follow the nutrition program closely.  It’s a tough nutrition program, so we’ll see.
That’s about it.  I realize I have multiple goals which isn’t very smart … but I view it as a 2-pronged or 2 part goal program, starting with getting ripped with P90X followed by a multi-month bulk program.
I’ll keep you posted about results and progress.  Should be fun (but tough).