Ninja Bodyweight Exercises

12 Ninja Pushups that Will Turn You Into a Human Gazelle

Clearly the fitness system this guy uses is all bodyweight. It’s awesome – he’s a human gazelle. This is P90X by Beachbody on steroids.

With a body weight fitness system that’s as cardio intensive as this, you clearly don’t need a cardio machine such as a treadmill or elliptical. This guy is all body; he’s burning calories and explosively hitting his muscles like crazy.

In the video he goes through a progression of push ups unlike any I’ve ever seen … it’s a combination of parkour and b-boy dance and all out extreme fitness.

If you thought hitting the treadmill or elliptical for 15 or 20 minutes was tough, just give this guy’s fitness system a shot – of course you’ll need to do some intense training to become the machine he is. However, even if you’re not a fitness expert or personal trainer you can achieve what this guy does … it’s all about performance, not fitness certifications or credentials.

The 12 Ninja Body Weight Exercises the Human Fitness Machine Does in the Video:

1. Falling & explosive rebound
2. Forearm to tricep extension
3. Lalanne fingertip push up
4. Falling & flying superman rebound
5. Superman X-Jumps
6. Flying squirrel
7. Leaning tower HSPU
8. Inca/This slap
9. Aztec
10. Flying Superman (hands behind head)
11. Aztec cross tough
12. Flying cap remover

Will doing this ninja-style cardio with a push up focus help you lose weight? It sure will. In fact, body weight fitness systems are designed to help people lose weight and build toned muscle. Look at him – he’s not all that big, but he’s a true human fitness machine with an incredible combination of strength, balance, explosiveness and conditioning.

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