P90X vs. Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer – How do they Differ?

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man fit from muscle maximizer programP90X and the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer are 2 of the most popular fitness programs available.  They’re both very high quality, which is evident due to the fact, they’re still very good sellers after being available for years.

The key with choosing a fitness program is knowing precisely what your goals are.  The fact is, most of the big selling programs work and are very good.  However, they work best for purchasers whose fitness goals align with what the program delivers.

P90X and Muscle Maximizer are 2 fairly different programs.  One if a home workout program (P90X) and the other really requires a gym (Muscle Max.).  Moreover, Muscle Max has more of an emphasis on the customized diet plans while P90X provides more content regarding the workouts (in the form of 12 DVDs).

In a nutshell

P90X:  Home workout designed to burn fat and build lean muscle / tone muscle.

Muscle Maximizer:  Customized meal plans for building muscle or burning fat … comes with workout programs as well.  There are 2 distinct modules

Let’s take a look at each individually:

Muscle Maximizer


There are 2 modules.  One for muscle gain and one for fat loss.  Once you join, you get access to the online software that generates customized meal plans.

Level:  Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Audience:  Men prefer the muscle gain module and women opt for the fat loss module.

The customized meal plans are based on your weight, goal and body type (mesomorph, ectomorph and endomorph).  It’s the body type customization that makes MM so popular.  So are the workouts.

What do you get?

Access to the online software (you just log in) plus a guide on body types and a guide with workouts.

Equipment Needed:

The workouts are designed to be done in a gym.

Does it work?

Yes, if you stick with it.  Like most best-selling programs, they work if you follow them.

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P90X pushupsFocus:

Losing weight and getting lean muscle while working out at home.  It also improves cardio and flexibility because the program includes not only resistance training, but also yoga and cardio workouts … all of which are done at home.

What do you get?

12 workout DVDs.  A full guide explaining each workout.  A nutrition guide (this is very detailed and pretty much steps you through the required meal plans in order to get the most benefit from the program).

Level:  It’s good to have a little fitness under your belt or else do modified workouts.  It’s intense.

Audience:  Men and women – popular for both.

Equipment Needed:

Ideally, you’ll get the pull up bar and adjustable dumbbells.  However, I opted for just the resistance bands, which were okay, but the dumbbells and pull up bar would work better for the resistance training modules.

You also need a workout mat.  I used my yoga mat, which was perfect.

Finally, you need some media device to play the DVDs.

Does it work?

Yes.  P90X works very well as long as you stick to the workout regimen and follow the diet plan.  Even if you stray from the diet plan, you’ll enjoy significant fitness improvement (I stuck to the diet program about 75%).

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What do I prefer?

It’s not a matter of preference for any individual program.  Instead, the question is what’s my preferred fitness goal.  I prefer training in a gym and building muscle, so I prefer the Muscle Maximizer.

Both programs were good. If you prefer working out at home and aren’t into building maximum muscle, P90X is your best choice.

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