P90X vs. Visual Impact Muscle Building – Which One Should You Buy?

muscular man after strenuous workout

I’ve purchased and done both P90X and Visual Impact.

Which one do I prefer?

Overall, I like Visual Impact more, but I’m a gym guy.  I bought P90X because I wanted to try a home workout that incorporated a lot of bodyweight training.  After all, I had heard about P90X for years so I had to try it.

Which one is right for you?

It depends.  Both do what they say they’ll do.  It depends on your goals.

1.  If you go to the gym and prefer building lean muscle and lifting weights, Visual Impact is right for you.

2.  If you like working out at home, want to burn some fat and get some definition, P90X is for you.

Visual Impact is not a home work out program unless you have a good selection of resistance equipment.

They’re really different programs altogether.


P90X is a comprehensive program that includes 12 DVD workouts (resistance training, plyometrics, cardio, abs, yoga and martial arts).  It also comes with a detailed meal plan guide.

What you can expect from P90X:  Lose weight, burn fat, get in really good shape and gain some muscle definition.  What you won’t do is build any serious muscle mass.

What I liked most about P90X:

I disliked the resistance workouts the most.  I LOVED the plyometrics, yoga and ab routines.  I still incorporate what I learned from those 3 workouts into my regimens now.  Those 3 workouts alone were worth the price of admission.

Equipment needed:

Pull up bar and either *resistance bands or a *dumbbell set.  I used the resistance bands and didn’t like them all that much.  They’re fine in a pinch, but not for a dedicated workout program (I’m into building muscle and prefer lifting weights).

You can get by without the pull up bar and instead use the resistance bands as a substitute.  That’s what I did.  I had nowhere in my home to set up the pull up bar (I have strange door frames with molding that wouldn’t accommodate the pull up bar).

Visual Impact Muscle Building Program

Visual Impact focuses on teaching you how rep volume and set structure can dictate the growth of different types of muscle.  It includes several full workout programs, each designed for a particular type of muscle growth.

Specifically, it’s a guide that teaches you how to develop a lean, muscular look.  If you’re looking for maximum mass, it’s not for you.

What I liked most about Visual Impact:

I incorporate much of what I learned in my workouts to this day.  What’s great about VI is it also gives you the information to create your own workouts going forward.  I do and I apply the concepts to most of my current workouts.  Read my full Visual Impact review here.

P90X vs. Visual Impact on a Spectrum

  • Lean build:  P90X
  • Some muscle density that’s ripped:  Visual Impact
  • Maximum Muscle Mass pro bodybuilder style:  Go with MI40.

Equipment needed:

You need a good array of resistance training equipment.  Ideally, you’ll have a gym membership.  You can get by with a good set of adjustable dumbbells and a bench, but that’s still somewhat limiting.

I recommend going to the Visual Impact page because even though it’s a sales page, there’s quite a bit of information explaining the concepts you’ll learn in the guide.

One final consideration is …

Price.  P90X is over $100.  Visual Impact is $47.

=> Buy Visual Impact

=> Buy P90X