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Paravar Review – Does P-Var Work?

There’s nothing like results, especially fast results. You work out hard, eat right but you want to get the most mileage out of your investment in time, effort and money (yes, building muscle does require money – think of the food, gym membership and supplements you buy – it’s not a cheap pursuit).

If you’re a supplement buyer, yes, protein and creatine are the bomb, but you can do more to get even better results. Paravar is one such option.

What does Paravar do?

Paravar is all about burning fat and keeping that hard-earned lean muscle. When you want those veins popping out in all the right places, this supplement may be the ticket for you because as a fat burner, it increases your vascularity. It’s dumping fat and keeping your muscle that makes those veins pop.

That’s not all. You know those fitness models that have that “hard” look to them like you’ll hurt your fist hitting them, that’s where P-Var can help as well. You get rid of the soft fat and keep your dense muscle giving you the hardness that you want. I like to call it the shrink wrap effect.

When should I take this bodybuilding supplement?

It’s designed for cutting cycles due to its fat burning/muscle retention benefits. Cutting isn’t much fun with calorie restriction, cardio and the herculean effort it takes to get that vascularity and shrink wrap effect. That’s where this product comes in – you get better results faster.

Who should take this supplement?

Men and women take it (although far more men use it). It’s not a gainer supplement. Please keep that in mind. Instead, it’s a cutting supplement so don’t buy Paravar until you’re about to start a serious cutting cycle.

If you don’t do the bulk and cut process and instead are slowly building up lean muscle, this product can be for you as it helps keep fat off but doesn’t chisel away your muscle.

Can I take it with a protein supplement and creatine?

Most bodybuilders and lifters use a protein supplement and creatine. You can take P-Var with protein and creatine. Remember to follow an adequate cutting cycle diet and not to take weight gainer protein supplements when taking P-Var because you’ll get mixed results. P-Var is for a very specific purpose so use it for that purpose only.

That said, you can certainly stack Paravar with other supplements (not just protein and creatine). Popular stacks include taking Testosterone-Max, Winstral and Clenn-Max for the ultimate cutting stack. Again, it’s a cutting mix – not a hybrid bulk and cut mix.

Is Paravar a steroid?

It’s a steroid alternative to Anavar. It’s legal in the USA. In fact the facility that makes P-Var is inspected by the FDA every year and is still in business (since 2006).

Can I order Paravar outside of the USA?

Yes. It ships globally except for the UK.

Does Paravar work?

This is the all-important question. The short answer is “yes” it does – but you have to work out hard, follow a good cutting diet and be consistent with taking these supplements.

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