Perfect Six Pack Program Review

Fat Loss Secrets Unleashed. Are you finally ready to turn your midsection into an irresistible lean, muscular six-pack of abs while you still eat all your favorite have an endless surge of natural energy 3 times the level you have now.

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"Take a measuring tape
lay it around your waist
and if you measure less
than 42 inches then...

Are you ready to finally convert your fat belly by rapid catabolism of fat, into an irresistible lean, muscular washboard stomach or sixpack, while continuing to eat all your favorite foods ... and also triple your natural energy levels?
This important message will change your life forever!

Perfect sixpack Personal report:

Oliver Wolter surprised me a little with this type of training and training plan.
But in such a concentration of an interval training, combined with a systematic muscle
development training, matched with healthy food, this fat-burning program can be a complete success.
After building muscle with x-size, the muscle development training program by Oliver Wolter, I started with the fat-burning program, perfect sixpack.


As described in the book I first printed the perfect sixpack diary and made notes of my recent data such as kcal intake, body measurements, etc.
Everything that is written in the book by Oliver Wolter sounds very plausible, and was understandable to me.

First week of training:

It was a big change from a 15-20 minute muscle development workout plan to an HIT pulse alternation training plan, but after the first week I could already feel the first progress in the abdominal area.

Oliver Wolter recommends following the pulse alternation training plan with a running training.
I opted for a combination of spinning and running, because through the spinning training I had better control of my pulse, and at the same time I was able to do this training at home.


With regard to food, Oliver Wolter gives you free choice, although you should have two components in mind, the total calorie intake and the protein content.
What Oliver Wolter gives you with this training plan is more than a prescription of which nutrition you should ingest. You'll learn which foods are perfect for you, without having to omit your favorite sweets.

Muscle development training

Oliver Wolter offers you a large number of exercise choices.
The training plan is similar to an HIT training plan, although the breaks are kept deliberately short and the training intensity very high.


All in all a training plan with which you probably can achieve high success in fat burning, in a very short time.
After the training with X-size I halved my body fat within five weeks.
After the training I had a KF of 9% according to a body fat scale in the studio.

So do not shy away from his excessive propaganda, as there is a lot of knowledge behind it, which Oliver Wolter sells for a comparatively low price.

My approach in detail:
Success is programmable

A trick of mental training is to set a goal and a period in which the goal should be reached.

My first big goal
for this year was to pass my distance learning studies, which I did at the same time as working in my job.  

My second goal
was to get a sixpack.
Of course did not want to lose my 42-cm upper arms, acquired by training over the winter with x-size, so this also was one of my goals.

Oliver Wolter advised in the online book:

Not to set the goals too cautious,so I set myself a higher goal.
I wanted to pass my distance learning studies with an award.
I took pen and paper, wrote down my goals and put this note next to my bedside cabinet and every morning, when I awoke, I read my goal aloud to myself.
So I accustomed myself to my goals gradually, and of course I had to do something to achieve my goal, so I studied the subject hard, with the idea in the background to really reach it!!!

To achieve also my goal  of a "six pack" along with my job and my studies, I also had to do something for my body.

by Oliver Wolter not only promised a brilliant six-pack, but also gave me accumulated knowledge to optimize my cardio units, and tips and tricks regarding nutrition, and helped me to plan my day optimally with a kind of diary.

Conclusion of the success:

After six weeks of preparation for the test in Germany and a five-week preparation period in Austria on my examination and the high-intensity-training according to perfect sixpack I was able to complete my distance study as a paper technologist with an award, and to reduce my body fat content from 18 % to ca. 9 %.

As banal as it sounds, the feeling of success after receiving my award was indescribable.
The burden of the learning stress was gone, and a feeling of happiness flowed through my body.

Now it was easy for me, to recall this kind of feeling, in the sense of "Becker's fist", for being able to remember the feeling of success again and again.
This is exactly what Oliver Wolter has described in his online book of x-size, felings of happiness and recording special achievements in the memory, using the example of a "Becker's fist", as demonstrated by showing Boris Becker in all of his victories around the world.
Thanks to Oliver Wolter I did it, because he gave me the key to success, which I only had to  use and turn around.

No goal is unattainable!

Last week I received a great success story of the training program, perfect six-pack, from Michael, here the correspondence with Michael:

He wrote in March

Hello Sven,

first of all I want to congratulate you on the very successful extension of your page.
I wrote you on other occasions because of my experience with six-pack of Oliver Wolter.
I started on January 04 with the training schedule.
My weight was 86 kg at a height of 170cm.
After three folding measurement with the fat caliper I had 61kg fat-free body mass, 25 kg fat and a fat content of 30 %!!!.
I had to finish the program after 70 days, due to pressure from my girl friend.
She said I should take care, because I slowly began to look sick in the face.

After 70 days I achieved a body weight of 72 kg, 63 kg fat-free body mass and fat 9 Kg, at about 12% body fat!

Oh, yes, my waist reduced from 104 to 83 cm, not so bad.
I would have preferred to continue the last 20 days, but even so it isn't entirely wrong.

I find it very amazing, that with a weight loss of 14 kg

I still developed 2 kg of muscles.
You know the program, it is really not quite that easy, but also brought 16 Kg FAT LOSS. From a kind of sumo I became a well trained martial artist. For your better evaluation I send you a couple of before and after photos.

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