Pre Workout Supplements Reviews

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Our picks of the best Pre-workout supplement to give you more energy, strength and endurance for your intense workouts.


Andro-Shock is not your normal natural and completely legal testosterone booster stack; it is a carefully mixed combination of 10 very different supplements. Each tablet or capsule has, Tongkat Ali or Long Jack, Zinc Sulphate, DHEA, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris, Chrysin, Muira Puma, Betasistosterol and Nettle Extract and Betasistosterol.

The list of natural substances in Andro-shock is not randomly selected, they have been combined in specific quantities to enable a specific result. For example, Long Jack or Tongkat Ali is a hormonal balance supplement that increases anabolic activity and speeds up muscle repair.

Andro-shock is able to increase your energy output, increase your recovery rate and muscle growth plus improve your sense of well-being. The combined effect of all the ingredients in Andro-Shock have a synergistically enhanced mechanism to improve mass muscle growth. Plus, it will improve your hormonal performance quickly.

Pumped Extreme Kre-Alkalyn Complex

If you are one of the millions of bodybuilders that has started taking creatine monohydrate, then hopefully you are also aware that more than two-thirds of the creatine monohydrate you take in never gets absorbed by your needy muscles. Because the creatine gets destroyed by your stomach acids.

Pumped Extreme Kre-Alkalyn is part of a new pharmaceutical delivery system that is able to provide maximum stability and maximum absorption. Creatine Monohydrate has proven over a decade and a lot more years of research that it can enhance strength, endurance, and athletic performance.

The problem is that traditional Creatine Monohydrate is extremely short-term, caused by the rapid conversion into the toxic bi-product called Creatinine, which when it is exposed to any liquid, will result in poor absorption into your bloodstream. Since creatine was first introduced there have been many different delivery systems.

What no one probably told you was that there are various different delivery systems, each one claiming to be the best. But none these methods were ever originally established to increase amounts of creatine your body absorbs before the creatine you taken in gets converted to Creatinine.

The problem is that you're only absorbing 20-30% of the creatine you take in before it is eventually converted into Creatinine. Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme, is a supplement that is specifically PH buffered to ensure maximum absorption and stability, solving this dilemma once and for all.

For the first time, Kre-Alkalyn Pumped Extreme is now available offering a Creatine formula that is 100% stable, which means it will NOT break-down into Creatinine. This then allows the Creatine you take in to be absorbed a lot more efficiently into your bloodstream.

Herbal Fat Melter

Natural herbal extracts found in the Herbal Fat Melter will burn fat a lot faster while it's able to simultaneously preserve your muscle tissue. This will help your body to speed up metabolism, increase energy, help your body use carbs for energy and not store it as fat, suppresses appetite and preserves muscle tissue.

Each Herbal Fat Melter capsule contains:

675 mgs of Green tea extract, polyphemols, bitter orange peel, octopamine, tyramine, n-methyltyramine, hordenine, epigallocatechin, caffeine, methylxanthines, Citrus aurantium, synephrine, tyramine, black pepper, Vitamin C, Tyrosine, DMAE, Aspartyl-phenylalanine, Chromium, and amino acid chelate.

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