How to Put on Some Serious Size

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If you train on a regular basis, then you will be all too aware of those brutal training sessions that you put yourself through to get stronger and bigger muscles. But many bodybuilders or weight trainers fail to realize that what they do outside the gym is just as important as what they do inside the gym, if they want to build muscle fast.

The tips to put on some serious muscle listed below are not just sucked out of standard bodybuilding literature, these tips come from the most prominent IFBB Pro League athlete's nutritionists and dietitians. If you want to increase your lean body mass and grow in strength while adding muscle, then follow these 8 tips and see your muscle gains start to explode!

1. Start manipulating your calorie intake:

If you want to grow more muscle you have to increase your intake of calories. Muscles will only be able to grow in size when they are in a calorie excess. When you want to lose some body-fat then the opposite is true: reduce your calories or do more cardio to increase energy expenditure. Eat excess calories to bulk up and then, shed any fat you gained by cutting down.

2. Increase your protein consumption

When the objective is muscle gain any protein taken in will not only help to increase muscle repair by increasing protein synthesis, but when you are taking in extra protein it will also maintain a positive nitrogen balance. This positive nitrogen balance will make an enormous difference to your rate of muscle recovery and your anti-catabolism ability.

3. Eat plenty of fat

NOT saturated fat from burgers and fries. There are many good fat sources, like flaxseed oil or olive oil, or even borage oil which contain all the "essential" fats. These fats are important because your body cannot manufacture these fats on its own. Overly restricting any fat intake will impact negatively on any muscle growth because fat intake will affect your testosterone levels.

4. Don't do too much cardio

Cardio may be able to keep you hungry to eat food and help to keep you hard, but cardio can negatively affect muscle growth if you do too much.

5. Your muscles grow when you rest

Rest is a VERY underutilized bodybuilding tool. Rest is when your torn muscles from hard training are allowed time to rebuild and get bigger than ever. Overtraining is too much training with not enough rest, in this zone your testosterone levels start dropping and your muscle wasting starts.

6. Increase the weight you lift

Muscles are built with progressive resistance which means lifting a heavier weight this week than you did last week, even if it is by one pound. Perfect form is a priority that must never falter, form is paramount in any movement. Your reps for building more power and strength, should be around 6-8 per set with maximum weight.

7. Stick to the basics

You don't need to reinvent anything, simple basic compound movements using your body's biggest muscles, which will be your back, quads, and your pecs. The bigger these muscles get, the bigger you will look. These basic compound movements will not only train a targeted body part, but it will hit all the supporting muscles as well. The bench press working pecs and triceps and shoulders to some degree, etc.

8. Take a good multi-vitamin

Bodybuilders have shown in both studies done and anecdotally that they can get better results when taking a good multi-vitamin every day.

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