FB’s Sole E95 Elliptical Review (2013 Model) & Sale Information

Tired of wasting time going to the gym?

Save time and make working out convenient with your own home gym.  

An elliptical trainer is the ultimate 1-item home gym.

Why is an elliptical trainer the ultimate 1 item home gym?

It provides cardiovascular workout as well as a cardio-based full body resistance workout.

If you’re in the market for an elliptical trainer, Sole is the brand to buy.  They aren’t the cheapest, but they provide incredible value (cost + performance).

Sole updated their elliptical fleet with a totally new set of ellipticals.  One of their higher-end models is the E95, which has be updated and is the 2013 model).  Right now you’re in luck because you can get the 2013 E95 on sale for $1,699 here (regularly $2,799).

What does the Sole E95 (2013 model) Offer?


The flywheel is located at the front which makes it easy to enter and exit the elliptical.

Decent stride range

Taller people can use this elliptical comfortably with the 20 to 22 inch stride range.  My

Outstanding foot pedal design

Sole took a lot of care in the foot pedal design for the E95 (actually for all of their elliptical trainers).

The reason this is important is because when you use an elliptical, your feet remain on the surface.  This results in constant stress/weight applied to your feet and ankles; whereas when you run / walk, your feet lift off the ground relieving pressure.

Therefore, ergonomic foot pedals are one of the most important features you can have on an elliptical trainer.

The Sole E95 foot pedals are large (15 inches), articulate and are angled 2 degrees inward for optimal ergonomic design.

Moreover, you can adjust the foot pedal angles to suit your gait.  A very convenient feature.

Power incline

You can adjust the incline electronically (a pretty standard feature).  The incline goes up to 40 degrees (this is fairly high).  The incline movement is smooth.

HUGE Flywheel

The flywheel is the part of an elliptical that permits movement.  It must be sturdy and heavy to provide a smooth glide.  The E95 flywheel is a whopping 34 pounds (well above the industry norm).

Sturdy and Strong

If there is one hallmark of Sole fitness equipment, it’s “sturdy, strong and durable.”  With a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds (this is well above the industry norm) and a lifetime frame warranty, Sole is putting their money where their mouth is for sure when they say they have powerfully strong and durable elliptical trainers.

Having a strong and sturdy frame is absolutely imperative for an elliptical.  The movement of the foot pedals and arm handles is interconnected with the frame.  If any part of the frame becomes misaligned, even a tiny amount, the elliptical is compromised.  Therefore, the most important feature you look for when buying an elliptical trainer is that the frame is strong, sturdy and durable.

9 Inch LCD Screens

The graphics and screens on Sole equipment is part of their 2013 fleet upgrade.  The E95 is outfitted with a crisp 9 inch LCD monitor.

Standard offerings:

Sound system, water bottle holder and fan (nothing to write home about here).


Regularly priced at $2,799.99, you can buy the Sole E95 on sale for only $1,699.99 saving you $1,450.  This is an excellent price given the feature set and the fact it’s a Sole elliptical.

My criticisms of the Sole E95

Stride Range

Because the E95 is a higher-end model from Sole, it should offer a longer stride range such as 18 to 22 inches.

Heart Rate Monitoring

It would be nice if this elliptical was outfitted with wireless heart rate monitoring (again, because it’s a higher end model from Sole).

Is the Sole E95 Elliptical worth the money given the criticisms?

For this feature set and Sole quality, yes it’s worth it, especially for the sale price.  At the regular price of $2,799 it may be a little too expensive, but under $1,700 this elliptical is an excellent deal.

Click here to visit the official Sole E95 website to save on this machine.