Sole Sale Listings, Promos and Discounts on 2013 Models

Sole Fitness is one of the most popular home cardio equipment merchants on the planet.  They manufacture and sell very good equipment for reasonable prices.  They also sell commercial grade treadmills.

Treadmill, elliptical and exercise bike pricing changes frequently.  This page gives you access to the best Sole deals around.

Sole Treadmill Promos

Sole Treadmills are one of the best home treadmills you can buy … bar none.

You’re in luck because this page gives you access to the best and current Sole Treadmills sales, deals and discounts for all models, including the Sole 2013 treadmills.

The following are current Sole Treadmill sale listings and discounts for the updated 2013 models:

Sole F63 2013 Treadmill:  Regularly 1,699.99.  Now $999.99
Sole F65 Treadmill:  Regularly $1,999.99.  Now $1,199.99
Sole F80 2013 Treadmill:  Regularly $2,499.99.  Now $1,499.99
Sole F85 2013 Treadmill:  Regularly $2,999.99.  Now $1,799.99
Sole S73 2013 Treadmill:  Regularly $2,299.99.  Now $1,599.99
Sole S77 2013 Treadmill:  Regularly $2,499.  Now $1,699.99
Sole TT8 Treadmill:  Regularly $2,999.  Now $2,199.99

Note, Sole does not use coupon codes or coupons for discounts.  Their sales are dollar discounts accessible through the above links.

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Sole Elliptical Sales

Sole E25 2013: Model: Regularly $1,699.99 – Now $999.99
Sole E35 2013:  Regularly $1,999.99 – Now $1,299.99
Sole E95 2013:  Regularly $2,799.99 – Now $1,699.99
Sole E98 Elliptical 2013: Regularly $3,499.99 – Now $1,999.99

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Sole Exercise Bike Discounts

 Sole SBB700 Bike 2013: Regularly $1,299 – Now $799.99



About Sole Sale Listings


Almost always, Sole offers decent sale discounts on their fitness machines.

The present range in dollar figure discounts across all treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes sold by Sole is $400 to $1,000.

Are the sales ongoing?

Generally, yes.  Sole usually offers discounts off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

However, once in a while, they’ll have sale events where they’ll further mark down their equipment.  That said, usually the mark-downs aren’t significantly more than their usual discounts and the discounts apply to one or a few of their cardio equipment.

What about Sole coupons and coupon codes?

Sole doesn’t discount their equipment with coupons and coupon codes.  Instead, they offer straight dollar value sales.  Therefore, there isn’t a coupon code option when you order any Sole fitness equipment.

How are their prices compared to other brands?

Their prices are in the mid to high range for home fitness equipment.  But then you get an above-average equipment.  Generally, the customer feedback is excellent with far more positive reviews and comments than negative reviews.

You’ll find that many other home fitness equipment merchants price in the same range.  There are some less expensive models available such as $400 to $700 but these are entry price ranges.

Should you buy used equipment?

This is always a difficult question to answer.  You can save a lot of money with a used treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, but you never know its condition.  It could well be on its last legs.  Even a test-run won’t tell you much.

Generally, I’m not a big used-equipment (or anything) buyer because you still pay a fair amount of money for something that may or may not last.  I prefer getting something I know will last longer and perform well.

Remember, there’s a hassle when you buy home gym equipment and that is getting it to your home, in your home and setting it up.

Recently I moved my treadmill from one room to another and it was a tough job.  I had to get it off the treadmill mat, remove the arms and console (it’s too wide for the doorways), roll it carefully and reassemble it.  I really don’t want to move it again.

My point is that if you buy, even steeply discounted because you get it used, there’s a chance you’ll have to do it again sooner rather than later if you order new equipment.

That all said, if you don’t mind looking for the best treadmill deal, it never hurts to check out Craigslist to see if there’s an excellent used option near you.

Why feature Sole on this site?

Because I like them and they’re good quality.

I also discuss home gym equipment extensively because it’s part of my theme in getting fit fast; fast as in not spending a lot of time working out … which includes less production time.

As an aside, I also don’t like spending time looking for used stuff.  I’m not a garage sale seeker; I’d rather spend much less time buying stuff I need … even if I could save some money.

Anyway, if Sole appeals to you, check out the deals above, read up on each model, and if you like it, buy it.