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 TT8 Treadmill Specifications


Sole TT8 Treadmill Overview

Sole sells this treadmill for both residential and commercial use.  If you buy it for a commercial setting, please note the reduced warranty.

The TT8 is Sole’s best-featured, highest performing treadmill to date.  No other treadmill by Sole (or many other treadmill retailers at this price point) offer the feature set you get with the TT8.

Compare the Sole TT8 with all other Sole Treadmills here.

Sole Treadmill Video Profiling Sole Treadmill Technology

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Common Sole TT8 Treadmill Complaints

Dislikes about Sole treadmills are consistent across all models.  The recurring complaints are minor in that they aren’t about stability, performance, durability and smoothness.

I’ve set out the main dislikes/criticisms of Sole treadmills generally on this page here (scroll down to the Pros and Cons section).

Sole TT8 Pros

Frankly, the TT8 is more machine than most people need in their home.  For a commercial setting it’s good.

However, if you’re the type of person that likes top-of-the-line equipment, the TT8 is worth a close look.  Check out the following premium features:


It’s a whopping 4.0 horsepower.  There are few runners for whom 4 horsepower won’t deliver sufficient power.

Running Surface Size

It’s 22 inches wide by 60 inches long.  Had Sole gone with a 62 inch long running surface, this would be even better.  However, at the end of the day 60 inches is long enough.  I’m 6′ 3″ and the 60 inch long running surface suits me just fine.  I also do HIIT from time to time and still have plenty of room during sprinting intervals.

Maximum User Weight

One marker of a strong treadmill is it’s rating for maximum user weight.  The maximum user weight on the Sole TT8 is an incredible 400 pounds.  There are few residential treadmills on the market that are built to withstand this amount of weight … although arguably the TT8 is a quasi commercial treadmill.


For some odd reason, Sole chose to develop its premium performance treadmill a non-folding treadmill.  I suspect it’s due to the fact the TT8 is sold for commercial settings, which don’t need folding treadmills.


This is important.  There are 2 warranties depending on its intended use.

Residential Use

  • Frame/Motor/Deck:  Lifetime
  • Electronics:  5 Years.
  • Labor:  2 Years.

Note – the deck has a lifetime warranty.

Commercial Use

  • Frame/Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts/Electronics:  3 Years
  • Labor: 1 Year


The TT8 offers a speed range of .5 mph to 12 mph.


Sole outfitted the TT8 with the largest rollers among all of Sole’s treadmills.  The Rollers on the TT8 are 3 inches in diameter.  This is truly a rare roller size for treadmills at this price point (even though the Sole TT8 sale price is above $2,000 which is still a lot to pay for a treadmill).

Other Sole Treadmill Features

All other Sole TT8 features are the standard Sole treadmill features which you can read in detail in my extensive Sole F80 write-up.

Is the Sole TT8 Worth the $2,000 PLUS Price?

It certainly is if you’re buying a treadmill for a commercial setting.  You need high quality treadmills for gyms and fitness centers.

If you’re buying it for your home, unless you are an extremely demanding treadmill user or have many users, the TT8 is probably more treadmill than you need.  The F80 or S73 (non-folding version of the F80) is more than adequate and costs MUCH less.

That said, if you like treadmills with large rollers for improved smoothness, sturdiness and noise reduction, the TT8 may well be worth the extra money.  Slight increases in roller size can enhance treadmill performance … to a point of course.  For example, 12 inch rollers aren’t going to work too well.

The Thing About Sole Treadmills

The thing about Sole treadmills is they are similar in many respects across all models.

Some treadmill manufacturers roll out very different treadmills.  Not Sole.  They have a proven design for developing solid, strong and durable treadmills and it’s this design they apply to all their treadmills.

The only difference across models is a few of the feature sets such as horsepower, speed, roller size, running surface size and the warranty.  Yes, these differences are significant, but at the end of the day, they don’t impact the overall performance (with the exception of the roller size, which is probably worth paying extra for larger rollers).

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