Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review (with Video)

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  • How much protein should YOU eat every day to build muscle?
  • How about if you want to also burn fat?
  • Should you eat carbs? If so, from what food sources? How many grams per day?

Okay, I’ll stop with the questions because there really are endless questions to ask about nutrition and bodybuilding.

If you’re like me and want definitive answers to pretty much all of your nutrition questions for packing on muscle and/or burning some fat (at the same time), read this Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer review.

My first impression of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer product:

I was impressed. I was expecting a nutrition guide with some guidelines for my nutrition.

What I got was access to software in my private account that created a customized diet plan for my bodybuilding goals.

I don’t say “impressed” lightly. I’ve purchased and downloaded all kinds of fitness products. Kyle Leon’s Muscle Maximizer is one of the best nutrition products I’ve bought.

However, while the product offers a comprehensive workout program guide, I consider the customized meal plans the real value. Nevertheless, given building awesome muscle requires proper nutrition, the Muscle Maximizer is worth getting, using and crafting your own muscle-building nutrition plan.

My Muscle Maximizer Rating: 85 out of 100.

What I like most about this nutrition product

It creates a customized nutrition plan for me based on the following:

  • My goal: Fat Loss or Muscle Gain
  • My weight
  • My body type (very important … I’m a mesomorph)
  • Number of hours I lift weights each week

What I don’t like

This program is only half the equation. There’s really no theory on training. It’s largely a nutrition program. It’s an excellent nutrition program, but that’s it. Yes, workouts are included, but the real value is in the meal plans.

How Somanabolic Muscle Maximer works

Instead of telling you, I’ll show you.

Watch the Muscle Maximizer Video Review (At 2:21 the video goes behind the scenes)

=> Click here to get the Muscle Maximizer Nutrition Program (and Software)

Variables on which this software customizes your bodybuilding nutrition

  • Your weight
  • Your goal (fat loss or muscle gain)
  • Your body type (mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph)
  • Number of hours you work out (lift weights) each week

Customized information this nutrition software generates:

  • Number of daily calories
  • Daily protein needs
  • Daily carb needs
  • Daily fat needs
  • Daily fiber needs
  • Daily water needs
  • Post-workout shake requirements
  • 3 menu plans (sample menu plan below)

All of these diet variables are customized according to your weight and body type.

  • Sample Diet Plan / Nutrition Needs
  • Weight: 230 pounds
  • Body Types: Ectomorph vs. Endomorph vs. Mesomorph
  • Goal: Muscle Gain
VARIABLES (Daily) Ectomorph Mesomorph Endomorph
Calories 3,684 3,531 3,377
Carbs (gr) 460 353 253
Protein (gr) 322 308 282
Fat (gr) 61 98 75
Water* 153 oz. 153 oz. 153 oz.

*Water and post-workout shake requirements vary according to your bodyweight (not body type).

Sample Menu (Dinner) for 230 pound Mesomorph with Muscle-Gain Goal

NOTE: Each person has 3 customized meal plans (in case you don’t like the food on any particular plan).

Who is the Muscle Maximizer Nutrition Plan and Software For?

Anyone looking to build muscle and needs a nutrition plan.

It’s not for you if you aren’t prepared to follow a fairly stringent diet plan.

It’s for you if you’re prepared to follow a detailed meal plan and don’t want to spend endless hours doing your own research on the right foods and macronutrient needs for your ideal muscle-gain goals. This product will save you a ton of time and enable you to get the most out of your workout efforts.

Stop with the universal diet suggestions such as eat X grams of protein per day or eat 6 meals per day.

These suggestions are too vague.

The fact is there are different body types that have different nutrient requirements to build muscle and burn fat.

The Concept Behind the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer

The concept behind the customized meal plans and macronutrient recommendations is based on body type.

There are 3 main body types:

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Mesomorph
  3. Endomorph

There are also 4 sub-body types, which this nutrition program includes in its nutrition planning. Those sub-types are:

  • Ecto-Meso
  • Meso-Ecto
  • Endo-Meso
  • Meso-Endo

My Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer Review Conclusion

It’s a decent nutrition product for building muscle. It lacks in the training theory department.

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