Spartan Workout Routine

If you remember the buffed boys in the Spartan movie called "300", the millions of men who saw Gerard Butler (King Leonidas) plus his Spartan warriors with barn-door backs and boulder shoulders suddenly wanted to know how they did that.

It was the brainchild of Mark Twight that took the men from 40lbs overweight to fighting machines that were lean and mean in just three months. It needs to be stressed that this type of training is not for beginners. It's intense with high volume, your strength and fitness and general conditioning will improve exponentially.

This Spartan workout routine is to be trained three times a week. Training any more will only over-train. You are then performing 1 set for each of the exercises (or "stations") training one after each other. Each "station" lasts 60 seconds where you are doing as many reps as possible using good form.

The objective is intensity so you only get 15 seconds between stations. After completing one circuit of all 7 different movements, with weights, you then rest for a full 2 minutes. Then repeat the 7 "station" circuit twice more. When you are unable to rep out for the full 60 seconds then rest. Only move to the next station after 60 seconds.

Reaching the point of failure where it affects your form is not the objective. If you're unable to complete the number of reps listed for each exercise, you should do rest/pause to complete all reps in the 60 seconds or lighten the load, before moving to the next station.

You should start off by selecting a weight that you can comfortably rep out 15 to 20 reps with. The workout is basically three giant sets from start to finish. It is highly intense, cannot and should not be maintained for more than 6 weeks when doing this for the first time. The reps suggested are the objective in 60 seconds.

1. Pull-ups 1 X 25 reps
2. Barbell Deadlift 1 X 50 reps
3. Diamond Push-ups 1 X 50 reps
4. Front Box Jump 1 X 50 reps
5. Jackknife Sit-Ups 1 X 50 reps
6. Clean and Press 1 X 50 reps
7. Pull-ups 1 X 25 reps

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