Biggest Testosterone Killers

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If you train regularly or you're a bodybuilder, whether you compete or not, the question about lowering your testosterone (T) levels because of things you do that you're unaware of can make a BIG difference. You may not be aware how your daily life can lower T levels without knowing it.

Since the advent of sports science these testosterone killers have been identified, which means we can do something about it. There are many difference testosterone killers but we have listed 12 of them below, in no specific order which include a very brief explanation.

1. Junk foods and soda

Empty calories from cheap junk food or sodas show that it will lower T levels. The low quality protein in hot-dogs and burgers with the added chemicals has clearly shown to lower T levels.

2. Myco-estrogens

Science has identified xeno-estrogens found in cosmetics and most plastics, but there are other myco-estrogens which are actually molds or fungi. Zearalenone is a myco-estrogen found in barley, wheat and oats. Science has proven that all identified myco-estrogens lower T levels in the body.

3. Stress

Stress lowers T levels because when you're stressed your body releases cortisol which neutralizers your T and makes it useless.

4. Obesity

A study that was done by NERI (New England Research Institute) showed conclusively that the waist size in men is directly proportional to T levels. The larger the waist the less testosterone.

5. Frequent Ejaculation

Research clearly shows that ejaculating every couple of days or less will lower your T levels because you lose 5mg of Zinc with every ejaculation. Zinc is a T boosting nutrient. The research shows that ejaculation must be stopped for a full 7 days to increase testosterone production.

6. Lack of exercise

When you exercise your body tells itself automatically increases T production. When you stop exercising you slow down your testosterone production dramatically.

7. Long Distance Running

The University of British Columbia proved that doing long distance running on a regular basis will lower T levels.

8. Sunscreens

UV lip-balms and other sunscreens contain xeno-estrogens and oxybenzone which are both well-proven T killers.

9. Marijuana

A study was done on baboons exposed to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that lowered their T levels by 65%.

10. Alcohol

When alcohol gets absorbed into your system a compound is released that stops the releasing of testosterone. Beer contains a substance called Estradiol which is a very potent female estrogen.

11. Lack of sleep

Testosterone is produced in the first 3 hours of sleep. Any disruption of the normal sleep cycle blocks testosterone synthesis.

12. Ageing

Sports science has clearly shown that after the age of 30 the circulating testosterone and the available testosterone get less every year.

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