One Weird Trick to Improve Your Training Intensity Today

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What you’re about to discover could change your workouts forever.  It’s a great piece of information.  I do it and have done it for several years.

It’s a mind trick.  Actually, calling it a trick is silly.  It’s not a trick.  It’s a practice that can take your training to the next level fast … fast, in like today fast.

A little background

I’ve been doing this trick since my vegetarian days when I started doing yoga.  Okay, don’t roll your eyes if you don’t like yoga.  Hang in there because this trick or practice isn’t yoga.

Instead, it’s a mind practice.  Pro athletes do it.  In fact, incredibly successful pro athletes do it regularly.  What I’m talking about is awareness meditation sessions before weightlifting.

These sessions need not be long (5 to 10 minutes will do it).  Another term you could use is visualization.

Okay, you might be rolling your eyes reading this.  I used to.  But, did you know that the most successful NBA basketball coach in history (Phil Jackson of Chicago Bulls and Lakers fame) does this and gets his players to do it?  Think about that.  This guy has titles like you wouldn’t believe.  He’s a coach like none other.  I’m sure the meditation doesn’t account to 100% of his success, but it’s hard to ignore.  Watch this video of Phil discussing his bringing meditation to his players.

Phil Jackson Video on Meditation

Meditation for weight lifting

This is a topic I’ll be exploring more on this blog.  In the meantime, read this great article on how to meditate / do visualization before your training.

Pro Bodybuilder Ben Pakulski Meditates – Watch the Video

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