Different Types of Bench Press Exercises

By Critical Bench.

The Bench Press has been well-established as the king of compound movements to develop the chest, deltoids, triceps and back muscles. The problem is that if you just do the standard bench-press it becomes boring and causes an athlete to reach plateau quickly.

Below are 10 different Bench-Press variations that should all, over time, be included into your chest routine to increase the strength and size of your current bench-press. These bench-press variations are not listed in any specific order.

Incline Bench-press:

This movement will force you to push the barbell at an angle, this requires more muscle activation, around your middle and your anterior deltoids, this makes the movement just a little harder to lift a heavier weight.

Set up your bench press by setting it to a 45-degree incline, or you can use a bench with an incline bench station. Grip the barbell with overhand shoulder-width apart grip. Lift the barbell off the rack as you lower it downwards touching your chest level, moving slow and controlled.

You then push the barbell straight upwards, driving from your feet, pushing them into the ground as you arch your back and activate your chest, your core, your triceps, and your back muscles. Stop the barbell from moving forward as you start the incline.

Decline Bench Press:

Targets primarily the lower chest muscles more than any regular bench-press would. Unlike when doing incline bench-press, you're now forced to push the barbell forward as you decline. You should be lifting more weight than your regular bench-press.

3-Count Eccentric Bench Press:

Focus on the eccentric, lowering, stage only when doing the bench-press. Doing this will increase your muscle endurance, strengthen all your upper body stabilizer muscles and help to keep you strong as you reach fatigue.

Floor Press:

Targets your triceps by decreasing the range of motion. When your triceps are not going through full range of motion, your chest muscles won't fully activate, which then leaves most of the movement in your triceps.

The following five remaining variations should all be included at some time during your year. It's important to train progressively for 6 weeks, meaning that you select one of these bench-press variations and then slowly increase the weight that you lift over a 6-week period before switching to a different movement.

Close-Grip Bench-press

Reverse-Grip Bench Press

Resistance Band Bench Press

Chains Bench Press

Kettlebell Bench Press

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