Types of Isometric Exercises

By Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

Isometric exercises are all "movements" where the length of muscle is not changed, which obviously then does no actually cause any visible movement. There is no joint movement is any isometric exercise, they are aimed at strengthening your muscles. Isometric training or training isometrically is the ideal way to train to increase resistance and as well as your endurance ability. Although it is usually only considered by professionals, isometric exercises help you to lose weight plus it has proven itself to improve fitness.

The nice part about doing isometric training is that you don't need any fancy equipment do perform any isometric exercises. There are countless isometric exercise options so we have selected four of them that can be added to your current workout routine and see the results.

Because you are not using any weight training equipment, you should always ensure that you do some stretching exercises before starting any isometric exercise. The following isometric exercises will definitely improve your core strength and increase your lean body mass.

Plank Bridge:

Put yourself into a push-up position, but you should be leaning on your bent elbows that are on the floor and not on your hands like in a normal push-up. While lying prone in a normal push-up position with your elbows underneath your chest. Hold this position with your legs straight for 10 seconds then repeat for longer if possible.

Isometric Push Up:

The isometric push-up is a normal push-up but you stop halfway down or halfway up and hold that position for a count of 10 seconds, then repeat depending on your own fitness level.

Isometric Bicep Exercise:

This is a very simple isometric exercise that can be done anywhere. Put your hands with palms facing upwards under a table that you are sitting at. You then press upwards against the underside of the tabletop, keeping your elbows held tightly against your ribs. Hold both your hands in the same position for 10 second and repeat 2 to 3 times.

Isometric Shoulder Raises:

Although this isometric exercises can be done holding any weight, using dumbbells is going to be the easiest. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, you then raise both arms holding the dumbbells while standing with your feet about shoulder width apart.

You then hold the dumbbell out sideways when your arms are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for 10 to 25 seconds, then repeat 2 to 3 times. If you are unable to raise both your hands together, you should start by raising and holding that parallel position using only one hand each time.

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